August 19-21: Three big nights — all shows live and live streamed at 7:30pm on fb & yt
Thurs., 8/19: Annette A Aguilar Beans on the Left Septet
Fri., 8/20: Mutant Audio (Foster / Boyce / McCockran)
Sat. 8/12: Jonah Cabral Quintet

Thursday, August 19 – Annette A Aguilar, NYC Latin/Brazilian drummer with San Francisco roots, returns with her seven-piece band, Beans on the Left, including Anthony Blea on violin, Chloe Scott on flute, Murray Low on piano, Gary Brown on bass, Ricky Aguilar on congas and Mena Ramos on bata. Her New York band, StringBeans, has…

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Old news, circa Feb 2021: Living in the Purple Tier

We’re back in the purple tier, thinking about Prince and thinking about how much more comfortable this tier feels relative to wherever that was we just were. But it is purple, and officially that’s pretty far from safe, so we’ll continue to urge you to “Collaborate to keep San Francisco safe, neighborhood by neighborhood, block…

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Big doings in jazz next weekend!
Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

Hungry to hear some of Bird & Beckett’s past live streams? Scroll down to read the posts for the shows we’ve mounted in the past seven-plus months, since the pandemic lock-down began. Every time you see the “load more” button, go ahead. It’ll stop offering you that option once you’ve arrived at the first show…

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