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Saturday, July 13th – 7:30-9:30pm
The Flying Salvias invite you
to Henry’s Hideaway for a
cd/lp/download preview show!

Henry Salvia, piano and vocals. Kathleen Salvia, vocals. Alex Baum, bass. Kenny Owen, drums. John Pearson, percussion. $25 cover charge;  byob. reservations, 415-586-3733. Welcome to Henry’s Hideaway… it might be a dive on the Embarcadero, a concrete bunker or shaky wooden shack of a bar… maybe it’s the sixties, maybe the fifties… maybe it’s the forties… long before the freeway came down and the roller skaters came out. The dim light makes it impossible to discern the poisonous glow of doctored drinks, but no matter, love’s afoot, lust set loose, just enough… worry later, your cares are dead on arrival. Push open the squeaking door and join the party. It’s a tableau of friendly chaos, a population of denizens each with a story to tell, and everybody’s listening… Julie London, Ricky Ricardo, Joe Sample, Peggy Lee, a cat they call Laufey… they’re all there, as are you… The Flying Salvias… …

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Sunday, July 14th – 3:30pm
Writer Larry Tye introduces
The Jazzmen: How Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Count Basie Transformed America

Larry Tye has published books on the Pullman Porters, Satchel Paige, Bobby Kennedy… The Jazzmen (Mariner Books, 2024) is “the story of America in the twentieth century,” says Ricky Riccardi. It’s told through the stories of  “three men who are not only the most important men in American music, but (who) changed the whole world,” says New Orleans bandleader and trumpeter Wendell Brunious. It tells “an uplifting and unifying story that is especially important now, when times are so fractured,” says Sonny Rollins. It’s a book we need now. And it’s brilliant. Larry Tye brings his new book, in conversation with Greg Stern, CEO of SFJAZZ. The Jazzmen is  the story of three revolutionary American musicians, the maestro jazzmen who orchestrated the chords that throb at the soul of twentieth-century America. — Duke Ellington, the grandson of slaves who was christened Edward Kennedy Ellington, was a man whose story is as…

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Sunday, July 14th – 5-7pm
Mitch Polzak & the Royal Deuces
featuring pedal steel master Joe Goldmark

Honky Tonk Showman Mitch Polzak plays a mean guitar and raises a ruckus like no one else! This second Sunday summer afternoon, he brings us his famous Royal Deuces — Tim Wagar on bass and Paul Revelli on bass — with pedal steel master Joe Goldmark. He’ll thrill you and seduce you with two sets of rave up country music. You don’t want to miss this! BYOB and a twenty for the band!

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Thursday, July 18th – 7pm
Film Screening – Bhatthi (The Kiln)

Mohalla Films (Community Films) proudly presents BHATTHI (THE KILN, 2023), an ecofilm short based on the life of a 21st century potter family who make bhar or earthen teacups in India. The clay teacups are used once, discarded, retrieved, remade and sent out again to the tea stalls in a generations-old cycle. Will this craft survive the onslaught of plastic cups, the No. 1 source of soil and marine pollution? Mohalla Films is a family-run film collective by San Francisco filmmakers and educators Abhijeet Paul and Rebecca Whittington. The collective wants to bring global ecocinema to San Francisco in the belief that it is important to learn about how people in other parts of the world are dealing with deep environmental crises in traditional and innovative ways every day. Mohalla Films is returning to South Asia in late July 2024 to work on a narrative ecofilm, BISHTEL (POISON OIL) based…

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Friday, July 19th – 6-8pm
The Friday Jazz Happy Hour
Scott Foster with the Larry Vann Band

Larry Vann, drums Tim Landis, guitar Richard Cruze, keyboards A. J. Joyce, bass with Scott Foster, guitar Drummer Larry Vann, the Groove Merchant, has brought his flawless funk to Bird & Beckett through the years with his trio and in other combos including the New Squatoolas and This Side Up. This evening, guitarist Scott Foster has invited Larry to bring his band to the 3rd Friday Jazz Happy Hour for two sets of soul, funk and jazz. Scott Foster has been a cornerstone of the Bird & Beckett jazz calendar for 21 years-plus, ever since our weekly bookings began in late 2002. These days, the third Friday of each month is his to do with as he pleases; it varies every time out and it’s always a pleasure. It pleases Scott this month to sit in with drummer Larry Vann’s band! You’ve heard Scott and Larry together here in the New…

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Friday, July 19th – 8:30-10pm
John Coltrane Ascension Day Celebration

Jon Raskin, saxophone. Scott Foster, guirar. Matt Montgomery, bass. Tim Bulkley, drums. $20 cover charge (cash or venmo at the door); byob. Reservations, call 415-586-3733 Marking the ascension of John Coltrane on July 18,1967, the quartet will draw on Coltrane’s work in the 1960s as he began to leave song form and flowed into more open improvisation leading up to the watershed album called “Ascension.” Recorded by Coltrane on June 28, 1965 with a large ensemble of players deeply committed to the free jazz discipline, “Ascension” came on the heels of “A Love Supreme” and was the next giant step by the saxophonist, setting the course for his final years. ROVA, the saxophone quartet of which Jon is a founding member, reimagined “Ascension,” expanding their conception of Coltrane’s late work and its implications for free improvisation. Jon, Scott, Matt and Tim are continuing that exploration on July 19th at Bird…

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Saturday, July 20th – 7:30-9:30pm
The George Cotsirilos Trio

  George Cotsriilos, guitar Robb Fisher, bass Ron Marabuto, drums $20 cover charge (cash or venmo at the door. byob Reservations, call 41502204870 George Cotsirilos is a uniquely talented jazz guitarist and bandleader. His trio has been together for years, both well experienced and world traveled. This date will be exquisite and is not to be missed. Please do join us!

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wrapping up July…and hints of August…

  Further out on our calendar, look for poets Kevin Opstedal and Micah Ballard (7/21)…the Vince Lateano Trio (7/21) in its monthly third-Sundays residency…Brazilian vocalist Fabiana Cozza with Annette A Aquilar’s Beans on the Left (7/24)…novelist Nina Schuyler with her latest, This Ravishing World (7/25)…the Laura Dreyer Quartet (7/26)…the Noel Jewkes Quartet (7/27)…the Lillian Charlotte Stern Quintet (7/28). August dates will include the Dred Scott Trio…the Ron Vincent Trio…Maurice Tani with American bassist Mike Anderson…The Elé Salif Howell Quartet…Eytan & Gabriel Schillinger-Hyman…Brian Melvin…a Two Way Mirror reading …Rojai in the Pocket…Duncan James’ George Barnes Experience…Hafez Modirzadeh…Sharman Duran’s Alternate Realities…and more!

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25th Anniversary Fundraising Push!

We have so many plans, so many commitments and so little to rely on save hard work, luck and fate! Make your mark on the culture by staking us to our plans, schemes, habits and dreams! Jazz and poetry don’t pay well in this alternative reality we call capitalism! It’s the hardscrabble commitment of the average citizen and the largesse of the few that allow organizations like ours to pay the artists AND keep the lights on. Thank you those who have our back! We do it for you and with you, and for and with the artists. If a tax deduction is a high priority for you, you’ll want to wait awhile before cutting us a check. We understand that, and in a few months we’ll have our nonprofit status back, we’re quite sure. Meanwhile, this drive is a pitch for non-deductible donations! The Bird &  Beckett Cultural Legacy…

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O Pioneers of the Cosmostream! We’ve been vaccinating you against the plague of boredom and the scourge of demagoguery with live streamed events twice a week and more since March 2020, when it all came down!

Hungry to hear some of Bird & Beckett’s past live streams? On the home page you can scroll down to read the individual posts for the shows we’ve mounted in the past several months, a hint of what’s gone down since the pandemic lock-down began. In more amazing times, it would take you right back to the very first show of the current period, back on March 12, 2020, but that beautiful skein is no longer quite so easily accessed. Still, the evidence is there for those who dig. The March 12, 2020 show that signaled the shift was a Thursday evening performance by New York saxophonists Jessica and Tony Jones, both alumni of the Berkeley High jazz program, with NYC bassist Stomu Takeishi and local hero Deszon X. Claiborne on drums. The quartet’s booking for the night before at the Backroom over in Berkeley had been cancelled. A few…

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Yes! Believe your five senses–
shows for in-store audiences
resumed in mid-June 2021,
and continue apace

 Bird & Beckett’s events open to the public have been back since mid-June 2021. Mask up if you’re inclined, and do come in! (Not vaxxed? Please get vaxxed and be safer!) Jazz, poetry & more live in the shop and live streamed Come to 653 Chenery if you’re in town! Doors open at 7:20 for our 7:30 shows. $20 cover for trios and quartets $25 for quintets, $30 for sextets, etc. Cash at the door please! BYOB and BYOglass, and pack out what you pack in! Please feel free to wear a mask in the shop. We trust the science and its processes, and we trust SF’s DPH to keep us up to date on best practices! Advised best practices as of early September 2021 was to wear a mask indoors around people. If that makes you a little more comfortable being inside this winter, then do feel free. Sure…

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Water under the bridge…

The posts that follow show you what’s come and gone. Search the videos on our youtube channel or facebook page to find evidence of what you remember, or what you missed! Then, make sure you catch the next thing that catches your fancy. The live streams are great, but live music in a room with folks you know or ought to get to know, that’s irreplaceable…

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Mid-July events, and further explorations…

Check our calendar for details on these events from mid-July to the end of August: Eric & the In Crowd celebrate Jerome Kern & Frank Loesser on Friday 7/12 from 6-8pm and The Marlina Teich Quartet plays jazz and blues later that evening, from 8:30-10pm…The Flying Salvias invite you to a jazzy little house party in Henry’s Hideaway Saturday 7/13 from 7:30-9:30pm…7/14 at 3:30pm, Larry Tye presents his book, The Jazzmen…Joe Goldmark plays pedal steel with honky tonk showman Mitch Polzak & his Royal Deuces 7/14 from 5-7pm…

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Friday, July 12th – 8:30-10pm
The Marlina Teich Quartet

Jean Fineberg, sax & flute. Marlina Teich, guitar. Carla Kaufman, bass. Joyce Baker, drums. $20 cover charge; byob. reservations, call 415-586-3733. “The warmly sensuous flow of music Marlina sends forth moves me into a groove I hate to leave when I go back to my day job.” – Nat Hentoff. Marlina Teich will be performing soulful and swinging jazz and Latin standards with her new quartet featuring Jean Fineberg on sax and flute, Carla Kaufman on upright bass, and Joyce Baker on drums.      Guitarist/vocalist/bandleader Marlina Teich has been playing in hotels, clubs, bars and restaurants, as well as recording, in and around San Francisco for decades, also taking her music to hospitals, prisons, psychiatric institutions — anywhere the music can thrill, sooth and please!   Saxophonist/flutist Jean Fineberg leads her own original music octet JAZZphoria.  She has recorded on more than 40 albums, and can be heard on radio…

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Friday, July 12th – 6-8pm
Eric & the In Crowd
celebrate songwriters
Jerome Kern & Frank Loesser

Eric Shifrin, piano. Ollie Dudek, bass. Mark Lee, drums. $20 suggested donation per adult. Kids free. Teens and students – $5-$10 The In Crowd’s 2024 second Fridays residency is dedicated to the 20th century songwriters behind so many tunes we know as jazz standards. This month, it pleases Eric and his trio to spotlight the work of Jerome Kern and Frank Loesser. Jerome Kern (1885-1945) wrote 700 songs used in 100 musicals, including chestnuts like A Fine Romance, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, The Way You Look Tonight and All the Things You Are. Frank Loesser (1910-1969) is well loved for Baby It’s Cold Outside, Luck Be a Lady Tonight, Let’s Get Lost and Never Will I Marry. Eric Shifrin has been bringing the In Crowd into saloons and salons, dens and dives, high-toned places and low-down spaces, boites and ballrooms, clubs and concert halls for decades, and they never…

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