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Stay tuned for the next B&B benefit party in Jerry Ferraz's backyard! Here's some video of the last one!

Live streamed events this week
on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday:
11/25: Walker Brents III
on the Radical Politics of William Blake
11/27: Tony Johnson’s
230 Jones Street Irregulars
11/28: New Squatoolas

Mark your calendar now for: —Walker Brents III explores the radical politics of Romantic Era poet, artist and visionary William Blake on Wednesday, 11/25 –Tony Johnson’s 230 Jones Street Irregulars, w/Noel Jewkes, Jeffrey Burr and Eric Markowitz, play jazz from swing to bop on Friday, 11/27 — The New Squatoolas play New Orleans jazz & funk…

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Wednesday, November 25 – 7:30pm
Walker Talks! on the radical politics of Romantic Era visionary William Blake

William Blake is a towering and somewhat mystifying figure of the 18th Century Romantic Era in England, well known if scarcely understood for his visionary and unfathomable etchings and poetry. In parallel with his great artistic expression is a political sensibility that is at once timeless and immediate. Walker Brents III, in another of his…

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Friday, November 27 – 7:30pm
Jones Street Irregulars
jazz streamed from the bookshop,
every Friday after work

Tony Johnson — regular drummer for Bird & Beckett’s 4th Friday anchor group the 230 Jones Street Local 6 Literary Jazz Band (aka, the Chuck Peterson In Absentia Band) — leads the Jones Street Irregulars tonight through a tight & swinging 90-minute set of bebop & standards! Noel Jewkes, saxophone Jeffrey Burr, guitar Eric Markowitz,…

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Saturday, November 28 – 7:30pm
New Squatoolas
jazz club! when lights are low…
every Saturday night at Bird & Beckett

Jim Peterson, saxophone Scott Foster, guitar Joe Kyle, Jr., bass Larry Vann, drums The New Squatoolas return to Bird & Beckett with their high spirited survey of the New Orleans jazz scene of the 1970s and 1980s. Catch the show on Bird & Beckett’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. $20 suggested donation / pay what you can at this…

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O Pioneers of the Cosmostream! We’ve been vaccinating you against the plague of boredom with live streamed events twice a week and more since March 2020, when it all came down!

Scroll down to read the posts for the shows we’ve mounted in the past seven-plus months, since the pandemic lock-down began. Every time you see the “load more” button, go ahead. It’ll stop offering you that option once you arrived at the first show of the current period, back on March 12th. The March 12th…

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Saturday, November 21 – 7:30pm
Andrew Speight Quartet
live streamed

Andrew Speight – alto sax Keith Saunders – piano Essiet Essiet – bass Sylvia Cuenca – drums Bebop & Standards                 Catch the show on Bird & Beckett’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. $20 suggested donation / pay what you can at this link you can also simply go to PayPal…

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Friday, November 20 – 7:30pm
Scott Foster Trio with David Boyce
jazz streamed from the bookshop every Friday

Scott Foster, guitar David Boyce, saxophones Cairo McCockran, drums   Guitarist Scott Foster has been a keystone of the Bird & Beckett jazz scene since it started in 2002. Every third Friday he puts together a fresh aggregation to explore and celebrate another rich vein in the jazz gold mine.   Tonight, the trio promises…

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Saturday, November 14 – 7:30pm
Erik Jekabson Quartet
streamed live from Bird & Beckett

Two sets of standards and originals from four premier Bay Area jazz talents Erik Jekabson, trumpet Dave Mac Nab, guitar John Wiitala, bass Hamir Atwal, drums Catch the show on Bird & Beckett’s  Facebook page or YouTube channel. $20 suggested donation ~~pay what you can ~~ at this link you can also simply go to PayPal and send…

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Tonight, Friday the 13th!
Get Lucky with Eric & the In Crowd
streamed live from Bird & Beckett on YouTube and Facebook

Lucky us! Catch the show on Bird & Beckett’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. $20 suggested donation / pay what you can at this link you can also simply go to PayPal and send your donation to [email protected] or use the Venmo app on your smartphone and send to @birdandbeckett your generosity allows us to guarantee a “fair” wage…

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Sunday, November 8 – 7:30pm
Americano Social Club
live streamed music
for la dolce vita

The Americano Social Club reminds you to wear your mask, and minimize your riskier impulses… they do the same… but remind you also that you’re free in your hearts and souls, and for the very lucky ones, in the company of your very significant others… they’re pleased to offer up their music for the present…

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Saturday, November 7 – 7:30pm
from New York City
The Sylvia Cuenca Trio
featuring Peter Zak on piano
and Essiet Essiet on bass
live streamed from Bird & Beckett

Drummer Sylvia Cuenca brings pianist Peter Zak and bassist Essiet Okon Essiet to Bird & Beckett Saturday evening for two sets of jazz trio work. Sylvia’s career has included four years in the Joe Henderson Quartet and eleven years in trumpeter Clark Terry’s band. All three musicians are New York-based, in the midst of major…

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Friday, November 6 – 7:30pm
The Sanders/Larson Jazz Quintet
live streamed jazz every Friday
from Bird & Beckett

A throwback to the great small jazz groups of the early 1960’s, the Sanders/Larson Jazz Quintet is a mainstay of the San Francisco jazz community, honed in countless nights on the bandstand of Club Deluxe and other great Northern California venues. The quintet’s sound and style is rooted in the 60’s Blue Note era, the…

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Thursday, November 5 – 7:30pm
Liza Silva & Voz do Brasil
live streamed from Bird & Beckett

Sao Paolo-born Liza Silva with her band Voz do Brasil has supercharged the Sunday night revels at Haight Street’s Club Deluxe for more than a decade, creating magic week after week. That’s been on pause for reasons of which you’re well aware, but performing tonight with her long-time colleagues Ray Scott on guitar, Alex Baum…

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Sunday, November 1 – 7:30 pm
Jose Simioni Trio
North Beach travels to Glen Park

Jose Simioni came out to San Francisco from Washington D.C. for a couple of days a couple dozen years ago, with “a guitar, an amp, a sleeping bag and a few clothes” and figures he was playing The Saloon on Grant Avenue within a year or so. Since then, he’s played every imaginable venue in…

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Friday, October 30 – 7:30pm
Jeff Sanford Quartet
live jazz streamed from the bookshop
every Friday!

Multi-instrumentalist Jeff Sanford leads a talented quartet of merrie melodions at Bird & Beckett this Friday,  playing sublimely cheerful and deeply poignant music offered up in the face of our current time of massive smoky virusy political madness. Favorite standards and a few tunes Jeff has written this month! ~~ Links to the live stream…

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Thursday, October 29 – 7:30pm
Allegra Bandy Quartet
live jazz stream from the bookshop

Allegra Bandy – vocals Scott Larson – trombone Keith Saunders – piano Eric Markowitz – bass   Allegra Bandy and Scott Larson have been playing music together for over a decade in many different settings, from jazz standards, ska and reggae to big band soul.  As husband and wife, they share a love for playing…

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Wednesday, October 28 – 7:30pm
Walker Brents III, as the voting continues…
Democratic Vistas Revealed!

Walt Whitman saw it coming!  The basic themes are nothing new, no less perplexing, no less calling for creative resolution. Imagine him saying now what he has already said:  “In politics–just as it is in religion–some people get an idea of the necessity of believing certain things, not so much from weight of evidence, out…

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Friday, October 23 – 7:30pm
Joe Warner Trio
jazz in the bookshop every Friday since 2002
live streamed every week since mid-March

Joe Warner, piano James Wiley, bass Deszon X. Claiborne, drums Consummate piano trio work for today! Jazz in America, 2020 live streamed from Bird & Beckett Joe Warner, by dint of massive talent and tireless engagement in the art and beauty of jazz, has taken up permanent residence deep in the heart of America’s classical…

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Thursday, October 22 – 7:30 pm
Jim Peterson Trio
with Scott Foster & Aaron Germain
live streamed jazz

Take in the show this evening on YouTube  or  Facebook Donate to help us reward the musicians with a decent payday     DONATE     in challenging times and just ’cause they’re worth it! Jim Peterson brings guitarist Scott Foster and bassist Aaron Germain to Bird & Beckett tonight. Jim has played and taught saxophone…

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October 16, 2020 – 7:30pm
Scott Foster Trio
live streamed jazz from the bookshop every Friday

Guitarist Scott Foster is joined by Adam Shulman on organ and Dan Foltz on drums, offering up two sets of music to bring you joy and uplift the spirit. Says Scott, “It’s clearly a time when we all can use a couple hours of uplift and a chance to lose ourselves in music that soothes…

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October 15, 2020 – 7:30 pm
Jinx Jones / Angeline Saris Duo
live streamed jazz from the Bird & Beckett stage

Jinx Jones and Angeline Saris bring their jazz duo to Bird & Beckett. Both musicians are enthusiasts of the luxurious jazz guitar and bass duos of the hard bop and soul jazz era. This special event celebrates the instrumental stylings of artists like Grant Green, Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, and Charlie Christian. Jinx and Angeline…

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Sunday, October 11 – 7pm
an online talk by Margaret Randall
My Life in 100 Objects

To order Margaret’s book, email us at [email protected] Margaret Randall, whose memoir  I Never Left Home: Poet, Feminist, Revolutionary was brought out this past March by Duke University Press, will focus for this talk on the just-released book My Life in 100 Objects (New Village Press), in which she takes an anecdotal excursion through items,…

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Friday, October 9 – 7:30pm
John Calloway Quartet
live streamed jazz from the bookshop

  Transition Party!  Originally scheduled last May as a farewell concert after 35 years in the San Francisco Unified School District, this live stream performance will be a celebration-transition concert as John Calloway continues his work as an artist/musician as well as a 20 years-plus faculty member at the School of Music and College of…

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Thursday, October 8 – 7:30pm
Goodkin/Wehner/Jensen Jazz Trio
live streamed from Bird & Beckett

MUSIC FOR OUR TIMES: Revisiting old jazz tunes that bring consolation, courage and conversation to our present time. Doug Goodkin (piano) is most well-known as a music educator, an internationally acclaimed teacher of Orff Schulwerk and teacher of children for 45 years at The San Francisco School. He is the leader of Doug Goodkin & the Pentatonics, whose…

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Sunday, October 4 – 7pm
Lyle Sheffler, classical guitar
live streamed from Bird & Beckett

Lyle Sheffler returns with a program including works by Alonso Mudarra, Manuel de Falla, Augustin Barrios, Dietmar Ungerank, Isaac Albéniz, Leo Brouwer, George Frideric Handel and Fernando Sor.   ______________________________________________________________________ Take in the show on YouTube  or  Facebook Suggested cover charge — $20 Please donate only what you can $2 to $200 sliding scale available!…

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Available Now at Bird & Beckett

Hot off the press from your neighborhood bookshop just in time for the lame duck period. 75 million voters, and counting, have rejected fascism and lies. 70 million haven’t yet made that commitment. Bully Goat’s Bluff might change a few of their minds.

Fits nicely in an invitation envelope for mailing. Fits in a pocket as well.

~~ Poetry as philosophy to plumb the deeper truths of these times ~~

$15 and worth every penny
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