Saturday, May 24 — 8-11 pm
JAZZ CLUB Sat. Nights! Join up!
Michael Parsons at the piano,
with Jay Sanders, Charles Thomas & Vinnie Rodriguez


It’s the new thing at Bird & Beckett!  May is the trial run, then we lay low in June and start in earnest in July…  Catch dinner some Saturday at one of the neighborhood’s great restaurants, then come on up to Jazz Club for a couple sets of fantastic jazz ’til 11 p.m

The second Saturday night of each month Grant Levin will be bringing in the finest jazz players working the Bay Area scene, and Michael Parsons will follow suit on the fourth Saturday night.  Grant and Michael both have quickly gained respect as among the very top echelon of players around town.

Our series aims to shine a bright light on the many fine musicians who are taking the Bay Area jazz scene to new heights.

Noel Jewkes - Sax Titan! photo Jessica Levant -

Noel Jewkes – Sax Titan! photo Jessica Levant –

Bassist Charles Thomas

Bassist Charles Thomas

Want to find out what it’s about?  May 10th, we’ll feature saxophonist Noel Jewkes — a San Francisco jazz legend, with pianist Grant Levin your host, Eugene Warren on bass and Hamir Atwal on drums.  Known to many as Dr. Legato, with a 60-year career here in the Bay Area, Noel is an acknowledged master of the reed instruments, and a fine composer as well.  His skills have only deepened with the passage of time, and musicians here name him as among the very top players around.

On May 24th, veteran bassist Charles Thomas anchors a date with young trumpeter Jay Sanders and drummer Vinnie Rodriguez — Michael Parsons hosts the precedings from the piano.

Michael Parsons at the piano.  Photo by Dennis Hearne -

Michael Parsons at the piano. Photo by Dennis Hearne –

Pianist Grant Levin.  Photo by Dan Brazelton.

Pianist Grant Levin. Photo by Dan Brazelton.



It’s Saturday night in Glen Park



— the jazz destination!


$8-$15 (sliding scale) gets you in the door.  Join Jazz Club & you’ll get a discount on the cover charge, plus live recordings and more.  Become a Jazz Philanthropist and you’ll be one of the key players in promoting Bay Area jazz and launching our fine musicians into both national prominence and day-to-day solvency!

Bird & Beckett is determined to go where no one has gone before!  Come along for  Come along for the ride, and for the jazz!




  1. Susan Palleschi on May 1, 2014 at 10:28 pm

    How exciting! What time does it start on Saturday? I am in…and want to join the Jazz Club. Thanks Eric for all you do to promote jazz and support our local musicians. B&B is as good as it gets for great music in an intimate setting. Susan

  2. Susan Palleschi on May 1, 2014 at 10:30 pm

    Yes I am in! What time do the gigs start on Saturday, and how do I become a member of the Jazz Club? B&B is as good as it gets for great music in a warm an intimate setting. (And a great bookstore, too!) Thanks Eric for all you do to promote jazz and support our local musicians.

  3. Eric on May 4, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    Plans are evolving, but I think I can safely say that membership in Jazz Club will run $75 per year — pay up front, or pay as you go by throwing in a few dollars extra each time you attend a Saturday date. Once you’re fully paid up, you pay $7 per Saturday show and as a Jazz Club member each year you’ll receive a couple of recordings of our shows. Showtime will be 8-11 pm – two full sets, maybe a brief third set. We’ll see how the musicians like to pace it. Thanks Susan!

  4. Patricia Barthaud on May 18, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    OMG!!! How wonderful! Could not begin with anyone better than Michael Parsons. Finally, the jazz club I always new was in the bones of B&B.


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