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Sunday, August 11th:
An Afghan Afternoon

Little Kabul comes to San Francisco! 2:00 pm – “Secrets of Little Kabul: The Inside Scoop on Afghans in America” A panel discussion with journalist Fariba Nawa, memoirist Atta Arghandiwal and poet/fiction writer Nahid Fattahi. 4:30 pm – A concert of music by Afghan-American vocalist Abu Sofyan with tabla accompaniment performing modern and traditional music Fariba…

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Wed. Feb. 6: Tamim Ansary at 7:00 pm
on Afghanistan & Games Without Rules

Tamim Ansary gives a talk this evening on “the often-interrupted history of Afghanistan” as engagingly elucidated in his newest book, Games Without Rules (Public Affairs, 2012). With deft narrative momentum, Ansary helps the reader get past the generalizations and assumptions that obscure the realities of Afghanistan and its national history since the mid-1700s, revealing a…

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