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Events this week – 3/22 to 3/28/11

Hrabal Rouser…Bop Stop… Voudoun Verite…a String Thing… 4 events, Thursday to Sunday Maybe you wouldn’t think it to look at his picture here, but it’s Bohumil Hrabal’s birthday at Bird & Beckett… On the third Thursday of each month at 7pm, we read from the works of favorite writers born in the month at hand……

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Walker Brents III on Goethe’s Faust

Faust’s Deal with the Devil – Sun. 2:30pm On the fourth Sunday of each month, Walker Brents III plumbs the depths of subjects literary, mythological and historical…  always a fascinating excursion into the realm of human imagination… Through the years, Walker has gained a loyal audience for his monthly talks at Bird & Beckett… for…

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