Which way west?

A concert series offering jazz, acoustic americana, world and classical music, our Sunday shows usually start at 5 pm. $20 per adult suggested donation; children free. No one turned away for lack of funds!

Our Sunday concert series started in earnest when we moved into our current storefront in 2007, and allows us to accommodate a gamut of musical styles and performers. From North Africa to Pakistan to Philly to Bakersfield to the hollers of Appalachia, and points west, east, north and south. A great variety of musical disciplines and cultures is represented by individuals who have made the Bay Area their home but who carry with them traditions from the places where they grew up and came of age. We attempt in this series to present musicians rooted by birth in the styles in which they play, though many a sideman on these dates has come to the music honestly, through close exposure to native practitioners. Through the very substantial generosity of the Conner Family Trust we’re able to augment your donations at the shows to ensure that the performers are paid adequately for their efforts.

which way west? Well, it’s always the same way, we suppose, but what you find when you set out may depend on where you’re starting from!