Live Streams Every Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm.

The Scott Foster Quintet celebrates the return of audiences to Bird & Beckett, June 18, 2021.

Yes! Believe your five senses!
Shows for In-Store Audiences
have resumed!

Bird & Beckett’s events open to the public
have returned! Mask up and come in!
(see below for our advisory on that)

Live jazz & more in the shop for audiences and live streamed through cyberspace!
Every Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm + more

Come on down to 653 Chenery if you’re in town!

Doors open at 7:20 for our 7:30 shows.
$20 cover for trios and quartets
$25 for quintets, $30 for sextets, etc.
Cash at the door please!
BYOB and BYOglass, and pack out what you pack in!

Wear a mask in the shop, even if you’re fully vaxxed!
We trust the science and its processes,

and we trust SF DPH to keep us up to date on best practices!

Advised best practices right now (late July 2021):
Wear a mask indoors around people!
Sure you’re vaccinated and even if you contract the virus from someone else it’s unlikely to make you sick in any severe way, but you can indeed take in the virus from the unvaccinated yahoos amongst you and spew it out at others, thus spreading the damned thing. Let’s exercise some modest common sense, shall we? That’s the best way we can imagine to eventually get past this pandemic…

No food in the shop just yet.
A good bar and several good restaurants within a couple of blocks.
They do close early, still. So do think about that as a pre-show possibility!
For somewhat later, Tekka House, One Waan, Win Garden, possibly La Corneta. That’s about it at the moment, I think, but remind me if I’m forgetting something!

The live streams continue on YouTube & Facebook
Please follow the instructions on the screen during the shows to pay. $10 suggested.

The shop is open for business noon to six, then we lock the doors to get the place transformed into a music venue for the evening.

We’ll take a handful of reservations by phone, starting two weeks in advance for each show, but the reservations will be forfeited if you’re not at the door when we open it at 7:20. We’ll inquire of the folks outside to see who might have spoken to us ahead of time. No guests and no comps as we endeavor to collect enough revenue to pay the musicians a guaranteed FAIR wage!

Basically, the first 30 people will be admitted — please bring cash!

The live streams will continue for those who can’t be in Glen Park & in the shop. You’ll need to pay a little something to view the live stream. It’s incumbent on everyone who enjoys the musicians’ work to contribute to the care and feeding of the musicians and the sustenance of the venue. We do hope you understand!

Plenty of shows ahead, so don’t fret if we hit capacity and you have to wait for the next one!

Did you hope to get in and found 30 people ahead of you and no room for you?
Consider grabbing a drink at Glen Park Station or a burrito at La Corneta
and come back at the set break to see if a seat has opened up!
(the first set is usually 40-50 minutes long)

 The Scott Foster Quintet at Bird & Beckett, June 18, 2021

On June 18, 2021, the Scott Foster Quintet played a special invitation-only show to celebrate the return of live audiences and a few other Bird & Beckett milestones. The first official show open to the public followed the next night, June 19, 2021, with the Ben Esposito Quartet.

And we’re off and running! Live shows every Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm, byob, with a live stream viewable on YouTube and Facebook.  Coming soon, live streams on Bandcamp as well.

Pay a cover at the door. Donate by Paypal, Venmo or the Cash app while watching the live stream. Thanks for that!

Your annual and sustaining donations to the Bird & Beckett Cultural Legacy Project, our 501(c)3 nonprofit which hosts the cultural events, fund the operation and flesh out the artists’ guarantees when audience revenue falls short.
Donate at

Thanks to all our wonderful individual donors, and to Grants for the Arts, which gives us a substantial annual grant that underpins our efforts!

We’re lucky to be in San Francisco, and in Glen Park specifically, where folks take their culture seriously and playfully, and support it enthusiastically!

Our events are put on under the umbrella of the nonprofit Bird & Beckett Cultural Legacy Project (the "BBCLP"). That's how we fund our ambitious schedule of 300 or so concerts and literary events every year.

The BBCLP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit...
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