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18 musicians (and a dozen poets) last weekend…
19 musicians this weekend…

Here’s who folks heard at Bird & Beckett the weekend of 10/13 to 10/15…

Don Alberts, piano
Scott Amendola, drums
Peter Barshay, bass
Jimmy Biala, drums
Wil Blades, organ
David Boyce, tenor sax
Ian Carey, trumpet
Aaron Cohn, bass
Tod Dickow, tenor sax
Karl Evangelista, guitar
Ollen Erich Hunt, double bass and electric bass
Darren Johnston, trumpet
Lewis Jordan, saxes and poetry
Grant Levin, piano
Ron Marabuto, drums
Rodney Ruckus, drums
Marcus Stephens, tenor sax

Ok, so maybe you only count 17? Ian played twice.
17 musicians. 17 reasons why!

There were also 2 poets Sunday afternoon, and on Monday night 2 featured poets and another 8 on the open mic…

And here are the 19 musicians who played Thursday to Sunday, 10/19 to 10/22:

Jon Arkin, drums (10/21)
Riley Bandy, sax (10/20)
Jeffrey Burr, guitar (10/21)
John Clark, bass (10/22)
Joe Cohen, sax (10/22)
Aaron Cohn, bass (10/20)
Jack Dorsey, drums (10/22)
Scott Foster, guitar (10/20)
Russ Gold, drums (10/20)
Mike Greensill, piano (10/22)
Noel Jewkes, sax (10/22)
Mark Lee, drums (10/19)
Grant Levin, piano (10/22)
Charlie McCarthy, sax (10/22)
Jeff Minnieweather, drums (10/22)
Matt Renzi, reeds (10/21)
Eric Shifrin, piano (10/19)
Paul Smith, bass (10/19)
John Wiitala, bass (10/21)
Giulio Xavier, bass (10/22)

Of these, only Aaron Cohn and Grant Levin repeated from the week before.

Where are the women musicians? That’s a good question. A very good question! Help us answer it! There are a few on the immediate horizon (drummer Cynthia Wilson with Friends of Old Puppy on Thurs 10/26, bassist Ellen Schoenwetter with Flowtilla on Thurs 11/2, harpist Destiny Muhammed and alto flautist Rebecca Kleinmann with the Golden Circle Sextet on Sat 11/4, and bassist Carla Kaufman with Danny Spencer’s quartet on Sat 11/11). We’ll make sure we contact a few others we know to get them on the calendar. But we can use your help. Tell us who you’ve heard!

Oh, and thanks to those who continue to make it happen! Audience, musicians, staff, donors and all!

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