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coal miner

Thursday, May 25th at 7:30pm
Dick Bright & Pals invite you
to a book event! — Workin’ for a Livin’:
Makin’ It in the Music Business

If you’re of a certain age, you well remember the brouhaha kicked up by Led Zeppelin when Little Roger & the Goosebumps launched their was-gonna-be-a-hit-record-but-immediately-embargoed “Stairway to Gilligan’s Island” back in 1978 on Berserkley Records, the little East Bay hit factory that gave us Earth Quake (“Friday On My Mind”), The Rubinoos (“I Think We’re Alone Now”), Greg Kihn (“Hurt So Bad”) and, the king of ’em all, Jonathan Richman, who went from “Road Runner” and “I’m in Love with the Modern World” to “Ice Cream Man” and enduring permanence in the rock firmament.

Dick Bright alongside Roger Clark was at the core of Little Roger et al, the hardest working bar band in the Bay Area and up and down the coast back then. Dick’s been in the business ever since, grinding out a blue collar workin’ life in a tux as the bandleader at the Fairmount’s Venetian Room (once Ernie Heckscher bowed out and the Swigs decided to get hip), leading the house band at the Bammies for a dozen years before that, fielding the Dick Bright Orchestra and his high octane party band, SRO for society soirees and high dollar corporate gigs, playing the National Anthem on his fiddle for innumerable Giants and Warriors games… what hasn’t he done to Make a Livin’?!?

Now, he’s written the book on what it takes to make it in the music business. You could learn a thing or two. Come to his book launch, get a taste and let Dick regale you with tales of his life and object lessons for those who want to stay out of dental school, the trades and the courts.

He knows whereof he speaks, and he knows enough to know that you’ll be all the more tickled listening to a crack band riffing, joking and powering through enough tunes to fill both sides of Berserkley Chartbusters Volume 2!

Dick Bright, violin & banter
John Hoy, guitar
Andrew Higgins, bass
Kevin Hayes, drums
Special guest – Vocalist Anna Kristina, of Zepparella!

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