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Wednesday, April 19th – 7:30pm
Live Stream Only:
Walker Talks!
A Monthly Excursion
into the Mind of Walker Brents III
Tonight’s Subject:
Harry Smith, Magus

Wednesday, April 19th at 7:30pm, tune in to our live stream to catch Walker Brents III’s monthy talk., this time out on the American Magus Otherwise Known As Harry Smith. The historian of unspeakableness. The cartographer of the ungraspable. The anthologist of the collection of songs that inspired the 20th century left wing poetic archetype. The scribe of our mysterious comprehension of the unknowable momentary perception. The one we know ourselves to be, uniquely particular, observent and elegant. The one upon whom nothing is lost. The one whose work we are, always. Whoever that is, consider this as that…

Walker Brents III has been elucidating topics of a diverse nature on a near-monthly basis at Bird & Beckett for two decades. There are good, though in a sense unfathomable reasons that you should tune in! Find out for yourself by doing so, and consider also becoming a donor to Bird & Beckett, a rare institution in a relentlessly reductive and homogenizing America.

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