Peter Erlenwein

Thursday, November 5th – 6:30-8:00 pm
“And Saw the Heaven Open”
a talk by Peter Erlenwein, Ph.D.

Peter Erlenwein

Spirituality here and beyond religion. Narratives, voices, contemplations

Peter Erlenwein, Ph.D. will read from his book and engage in discussion with the audience.

Dr. Erlenwein offers a fascinating approach towards the complex dynamics of spirituality, religion and society.

The title of Dr. Erlenwein’s book, And saw the heaven open, is programmatic – prominent German/American and other voices of the global civil societies share their views; far reaching dimensions of spiritual experience, beyond mainstream stereotypes are hereby reflected, concerning their profound meaning for a secularized Western mind.
Peter Erlenwein (PH.D.) is a sociopsychologist and transpersonal therapist from Germany.  His integral approach combines Jungian archetypal psychology, meditation and body mind work with dance, ritual  and role playing in the context of sacred text reflections of different religious traditions. (Hagio/Sacred-drama). His spiritual insight and life has been deeply inspired by his decades long travels to India, Southern Africa and now the US. As a radio journalist, author and intercultural researcher he has been publishing continuously on interreligious subjects.  [email protected]


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