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Terese Taylor

Saturday, October 26, 11 am – 1 pm
Terese Taylor with Andre Custodio’s Audible Method

Terese Taylor joins Andre Custodio Saturday morning through the noon hour to create a tapestry of improvised ambient sound.  $5 suggested donation if you come for the music. A buck or two is nice if you just happen to be browsing & don’t mind supporting the arts.

Saturday mornings through November 24th, Andre Custodio presents a series of performances of textured sound utilizing electronics and other instruments for a bookstore environment. While it’s not a concert setting, you’re welcome to find a seat — whether to listen more closely or to peruse a book. Mostly, it’s desired that you’ll feel free to wander and browse. Andre won’t be easily distracted and he’s not seeking to distract you.

The series begins Saturday, August 25th and continues through Saturday, November 24th. Andre will be performing solo for most of these Saturdays, but will occasionally invite others to fill in.

Audible Method was established in 1997 in San Francisco, and featured the works of artists such as David Slusser, LX Rudis, Tom Nunn, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Bruce Eisenbeil, Brian Fergus, Phillip Greenlief, Aurora Josephson as well as Andre Custodio. Other artists such as Bill Noertker, Eddie Gale and India Cooke also participated.

And now, a note from our sponsor:

Should art be made for free? Bird & Beckett doesn’t think so.
B&B pays the artists, but the money has to come from somewhere.
Please support the bookshop’s three-month commitment to this weekly series of Sunday morning ambient music concerts with some of your hard-earned cash.
The money you put in the donation buckets makes up the base of what Bird & Beckett guarantees the artists — $5 or $10 from you goes a long way.  There’s no minimum, though (and also no limit). Your support is appreciated and crucial.
Spreading the word helps, too. Many hands make light work. 
Donations to the Bird & Beckett Cultural Legacy Project are tax-deductible and are another crucial element in what it takes to keep the artists paid and the operation healthy. Click on the “donate” button above.
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