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Living in the Purple Tier

We’re back in the purple tier, thinking about Prince and thinking about how much more comfortable this tier feels relative to wherever that was we just were. But it is purple, and officially that’s pretty far from safe, so we’ll continue to urge you to “Collaborate to keep San Francisco safe, neighborhood by neighborhood, block…

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O Pioneers of the Cosmostream! We’ve been vaccinating you against the plague of boredom and the scourge of demagoguery with live streamed events twice a week and more since March 2020, when it all came down!

Great shows this weekend, right through Valentine’s Day on Sunday! Read up on the weekend right here! Friday, 2/12, 7:30pm, it’s trombonist Rick Brown’s quartet featuring pianist Sharman Duran, with terrific colleagues Carl Herder on bass and Pepe Jacobo on drums — a really marvelous aggregation of musicians sure to offer up a fascinating 90…

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Thursday, March 25th – 7:30pm
Live Streamed: Walker Talks!
The soul, in its prehistoric contemporality
Walker Brents III draws on the insights of Gertrude Rachel Levy

  Classics of literature are most fully lived in the consciousness of individual readers. Known or unknown, such works abide. One such case is The Gate of Horn, the debut work by Gertrude Rachel Levy, a University of London archeologist. Long out of print, it was sent forth in 1948 into the post-war world, galvanizing…

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