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O Pioneers of the Cosmostream! We’ve been vaccinating you against the plague of boredom and the scourge of demagoguery with live streamed events twice a week and more since March 2020, when it all came down!

Hungry to hear some of Bird & Beckett’s past live streams? On the home page you can scroll down to read the individual posts for the shows we’ve mounted in the past several months, a hint of what’s gone down since the pandemic lock-down began. In more amazing times, it would take you right back…

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Saturday, September 18 – 7:30 pm
The Isaac Schwartztet

The Isaac Schwartztet brings a fresh take and vibrant artistry to the jazz/black american music repertoire. Leading the Schwartztet from the drumset is Isaac Schwartz, joined by Henry Hung, trumpet; Sam Priven, alto saxophone; Joshua Thurston-Milgrom, bass. Live in the shop and viewable as a live stream on YouTube or Facebook. Isaac, an Oakland native, has honed his…

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