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Stay tuned for the next B&B benefit party in Jerry Ferraz's backyard! Here's some video of the last one!

lucky and pozzo

coronavirus considerations – open six days a week, for take out only, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows will be live streamed without an in-store audience

3/24 update: more of same!
and more still!

The proprietor has been in the shop 11am to 7pm every day, taking phone and email orders, passing books over the locked gate, now through the dutch door, to patrons, and working to get the shop ready for the day we’re able to reopen to the public. Also working on getting an ecommerce platform up and running.

Our small staff is being paid for four weeks, and fingers are crossed. Good thing we run a lean machine here at Bird & Beckett!

So give the store a call at 415-586-3733 if you’d like to order a book or see if we have what you want on hand.

You can swing by to pick it up through the dutch door, or at the curb, or we can possibly deliver it to you.

Cash and check purchases are preferred, but credit/debit cards are also fine.


Tuesday the 19th is lost in the miasma of history, but Wednesday the 18th, we recall that we were very pleased to sell books over the locked gate to neighborhood folks Suzie, Matt, Mary and Ulrike and a pair of greeting cards to Denis, ordered a couple of books for Sherry and Carrie, put books on hold for Greg and Michelle and took a call from Emma to send a gift certificate to Kelsey. A banner day!

The pace let up a little on Thursday, but still a lot of books were being sold. And things have continued apace. Here it is the 23rd, at this writing, and the business is still in business, though the proprietor is considering retirement reducing the store hours a bit and pressing on.

Musicians will slip into the empty store during the  hiatus to play for the camera, live streamed out to anyone who’s alert to the possibility.

If you watch, or even if you only mean to, donate same as you would at a show to help us pay the musicians in this time when they’re taking a massive hit.  donate here

The live stream, whether you’re on facebook or not, can be viewed here:

Special thanks during this period to Reno & Kenny for working to replace some weak floorboards and tweak the stage lighting while the audiences have been held at bay, and to Allison for offering a computer and technical assistance to facilitate an e-commerce presence. Kicking & screaming only a tiny bit, we’ll let Bird & Beckett be prodded into the modern age.


Check our facebook page with the lingering evidence of the live-streamed performances of the Michael Zilber Trio on Friday the 13th and the Rebecca Kleinmann / Julio Lemos Duo on March 15th, just before it became necessary to bar audiences altogether. They were both great shows for small audiences, and the live stream allowed us to collect enough donations online to supplement what the audiences were able to do, so that we were able to pay the groups their basic guarantees and keep a few dollars for the shop. Wonderful performances and each an unqualified success!

This past weekend, the 20th to 22nd, we mounted three more shows, each time with no in-store audience whatsoever (not counting a roommate of the bassist and pianist on the 3/21 Kai Lyons show, and the wife of the pianist on the 3/22 Potrero Hillbillies show) and each time live streamed. For each of those shows, we garnered enough donations online that we’ve paid out anywhere from $150 to $200 per musician for their performances. It doesn’t make up for all the work the musicians have lost since the shelter-in-place situation began, but it’s something. Two of the three shows this coming weekend are scheduled, and we’re figuring out the third, plus a date for poet Tongo Eisen-Martin. Stand by and stay tuned!


Speaking of modern, and a little silly, check out our facebook page for video of the latest shipment arriving. New Rebecca Solnit, lots of appropriate books for homeschoolers (atlases of the world’s oceans, mythology, and much more).

We’ll keep going! We must!

Thanks for your support during trying times!

/s/Eric Whittington, Prop., since 1999






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