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Dan Neville

Friday, August 13 – 7:30pm
Dan Neville Quartet
live jazz in the bookshop
and in the stream,
every Friday night

Homeboy Dan Neville stops in town from Cali, Colombia to present an evening of Latin Jazz.

Dan Neville, vibes
Óskar Ly, piano
Ayla Davila, bass
Omar Ledezma Jr., percussion

Dan has a ton of offer! This quartet, for instance. He himself is a nascent Bay Area treasure, and he know where to find fantastic collaborators. Let him be your guide. Do come!

Live in the shop and viewable as a live stream on YouTube or Facebook!

Attending in person? $20 cover charge; cash please. BYOB. Proof of vaccination required for shows. We love that you’re coming. You’re the lifeblood of this thing!

The fine print: For the time being, regardless of vaccination status, masks are required inside the store, except for performers, who may use their own discretion. If you’re sipping something, fine; just put your mask back up between sips. A drink in your hand doesn’t give you license to have your mask down or off. Please protect each other. Leave your ideological positions home tonight!

Viewing in the live stream? You’ll find it on our YouTube channel or Facebook page (links above). Call the shop if you need help navigating there. You can use Paypal, Venmo or the Cash app, or bring/send cash or a check to the shop at 653 Chenery. Please donate $10 or what suits you to reward the musicians for their efforts and to defray the streaming costs. Bird & Beckett pays a guaranteed “fair wage” of $150/performance to each musician and goes to considerable effort and expense to bring you the stream.

That said!, if you’re not among the winners in this disaster capitalism economy, and there are many of you, please pay only what doesn’t hurt. Take it in for free if you are in financial stress; the music is for you. Major donors to our nonprofit BBCLP don’t need to donate for an individual show…thank you for your consistent financial backing and for making the music and poetry available to all. Some scoff at the idea that we’re all in this thing together, but on the other hand, aren’t we?

It’s groovy, so enjoy it! And stay healthy!


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