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Thursday, May 25th – 7:30-9:30 pm
Eric Shifrin & the In Crowd
Pitchfork Edition!

Eric Shifrin & the In Crowd: The Pitchfork Edition

Eric Shifrin, piano and vocals
Mark Holzinger, guitar
Bing Nathan, bass

Says Eric:  “The Pitchfork Trio was born at Bing Nathan’s New Year’s Day party several year’s back. While I was playing the piano at the jam session with my back to the room I heard a great guitar solo. When I turned around there was Mark Holzinger. I got him to rehearse a few times, and thought it might be fun to try to play some stuff along the lines of the Red Norvo/Tal Farlow bands. We did some gigs and developed a contrapuntal melody driven approach that has been fun. There have been lots of different bass players in the mix (that’s Ari Munkres in the picture at left), but tonight will feature our buddy Bing.”

Eric’s last-Thursday-of-the-month booking at Bird & Beckett is just the thing to lift you out of another trying month in America!

7:30-9:30 pm
$10 suggested donation per solvent adult
More if you can manage it never hurts!

BYOB!  The State in its wisdom has forbade the dispensing of alcohol by management to our patrons. Arcane licensing laws and general fussiness, we suppose. But they have not notified us that you can’t drink. That seems to be up to you!

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