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Jenny Ferris

Friday, June 5 – 7:00pm
a live jazz stream from the bookshop, featuring
Rich Lesnik, saxophone, & Jenny Ferris, vocals

Rich and Jenny have each had long careers in the jazz circles of the Bay Area, and have worked together in a variety of contexts, not least their marriage… As a “cohabitating couple” we’re able to let them stand unmasked within six feet of each other to perform from the Bird & Beckett stage, if not for an in-store audience, then at least for the whole wide world tuning in via our live stream.

Together, they’ll offer a number of jazz standards and Rich will assay solo versions of tunes including Come Sunday, Del Sasser, Cheryl, Lament and Footprints.

Please help us offer a decent payday to a couple of fine musicians in a time of no gigs and short bread. Consider your $20 donation via PayPal or Venmo, or by check mailed to the store, a cover charge well worth the expense! It’ll otherwise be a cheap “night out” for you — no parking, no two-drink minmum, no photog running around with a Speed Graphic, no cigarette girl… no tip jar!

No in-store audience is allowed due to the pandemic,
but you can find the facebook live stream link here.
Scroll down to find the video screen with the red “live” rectangle.
Refresh your screen if you don’t see it–you might just be a little early to the party!

If you prefer, look for the stream on the Bird & Beckett YouTube channel.

You can, and we hope will,
pay your cover charge via PayPal at this link.
or by Venmo @birdandbeckett
$20 suggested and encouraged;
less or more as your circumstances demand or allow!

Our events are put on under the umbrella of the nonprofit Bird & Beckett Cultural Legacy Project (the "BBCLP"). That's how we fund our ambitious schedule of 300 or so concerts and literary events every year.

The BBCLP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit...
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