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Stay tuned for the next B&B benefit party in Jerry Ferraz's backyard! Here's some video of the last one!

Richie Cole

Friday, October 25th – 9pm
doors at 8:30pm
Richie Cole Quartet
with Gaea Schell,
Eric Markowitz, Peppe Merolla

$20 donation requested; any amount appreciated, not to worry!

The legendary Richie Cole returns to the Bay Area! Doors open at 8:30pm

Richie Cole, alto sax
Gaea Schell, piano
Eric Markowitz, bass
Peppe Merolla, drums

If you don’t know, and just have a hunch, you’d do well to research Mr. Richie Cole!

Come out! You won’t be disappointed; rather, you’ll be floored!

We’re in the presence of jazz royalty tonight at Bird & Beckett!



"It is in doubt and not in faith that the salvation of the world is to be found. Faith is a delusion and a snare: a pitfall, a prison. It intimidates the intellect. With fear of eternal damnation religion crushes intellectual activity; with hero worship it destroys individuality; with hopes for the beyond it prevents the growth of ideals for the present. It makes of us a race of intellectual cowards; it changes but little if any our daily conduct toward each other. But doubt sets us free."

-- Job Harriman, 1902


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