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Friday, May 16th — 5:30 to 8:00 pm
The Harvey Robb Quartet
plays jazz in the bookshop

Scott Foster has another engagement this week… he’ll be back with a great band on the third Friday in June.

Sax player Harvey Robb.  Photo by Jessica Levant -

Sax player Harvey Robb. Photo by Jessica Levant –

Tonight:  The Harvey Robb Quartet, with Grant Levin, piano; Ollie Dudek, bass; and Danny Spencer, drums.

Reed player Harvey Robb has deep Detroit roots — where he grew up in the late 1950s sneaking into the jazz clubs & more legitimately gaining access to other venues to breathe the air filled with the cascading music of the likes of Yusef Lateef, Barry Harris and Elvin Jones.  These jazz legends, along with Curtis Fuller, Pepper Adams, Doug Watkins, Sir Roland Hanna and many others, were able to perfect their art in an industrial city where people headed for the late shift or coming off the swing shift could make the cash registers ring all night long — just the excuse the club owners needed to justify late and long hours filled with music.

Harvey came out to California in the radical ’60s, found a brief berth with the Mime Troupe and then a 20-year residency with the Pickle Family Circus, driving cabs, becoming a serious jazz musician himself in the 1970s, inspired by the playing of local legend Noel Jewkes–  leading to constant gigging and a long and fruitful stint with Lavay Smith’s Red Hot Skillet Likkers, where he played alongside Noel, Allen Smith and Vince Catolica and other seasoned veterans that gave that band its rich swing & sassy bite.  He’s also taught for more than a decade at San Francisco’s Community Music Center.  Nowdays, he can most reliably be heard Wednesday nights in a very fine septet at the venue called Local Edition in the Hearst Building down at Market and 4th.

We’re happy to hear him lead a quartet at Bird & Beckett on Friday, the 16th, in the company of superb musicians that are among the very top musicians in town, something we’ve gotten accustomed to experiencing at this little out-of-the-way bookshop cum jazz spot in Glen Park!

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