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jimbo trout happy hour

Sunday, July 17 – 5pm
JimBo Trout and the Fishpeople

JimBo Trout, guitar and vocals
Steve Neil, bass
Ken Owen, drums

JimBo Trout is walking the line, playing his heart out, and having a good time!

JimBo’s music is a good-time gumbo of bluegrass, rock+roll, honky-tonk country, old-time, ragtime, blues, western-swing, rockabilly, jug band, jazz, swing, Cowboy, New Orleans, and more. But he would never let tradition stand in the way of a good time. Whether solo or with his band JimBo Trout and the Fishpeople, an energetic, entertaining and engaging show is guaranteed.

JimBo Trout is based in San Francisco, but traveling the world in a quest to bring great music to you. With over 700 songs on his list,  he will surprise you with his range. The appeal extends to fans of traditional music as well as those with more modern tastes, young and old, and in-between. JimBo Trout and the Fishpeople is a collective of top musicians from three generations performing in various formats and always keeping it fresh!

$20 cash cover charge at the door, please! byob & a mask! no reservations required!

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Check JimBo’s site! They’re here at 5, but they’re elsewhere other times. Go fishing when and where you’ve a mind to.

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