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Lori b

Sunday, September 11, 4:30 pm

Lori B – a woman, a guitar, a toy piano…

which way west?
Sunday concert series

lori B made an indelible mark on the American creative landscape as a singer-songwriter with her debut CD, Hurricane Child, in 1996.  She toured extensively and won raves, including this tribute by David Crosby: “Lori B was born to do this. She is a glorious shiny wonderful bundle of raw nerves. She will whisper to your heart and she will tell it the truth…”   In 2004, she released a second CD, Shadows of Love, and performed its music in front of rapt audiences until other paths beckoned.

“Part poet, part vitamin, part snake charmer,” lori performs her music in public only rarely now, but always with startling intimacy and emotional depth. Her current work in San Francisco and further afield as a coach and healer consumes most of her time, putting to use a life history begun with her birth on the tail winds of Hurricane Hazel, an intense, private dedication as an adolescent to songwriting and the piano, cross-country truck driving and Hollywood film acting, mind-body therapy and contact improvisation, using movement in her work with people with and without physical disabilities.  She calls herself a creative and therapeutic acrobat.

We’ve known her for some time here at Bird & Beckett, and are avidly anticipating her performance on an autumnal Sunday afternoon, playing and singing her own eccentric, contemporary, bred-in-the-bone folk music. Spare and poetic, her songs will remind you much about what it means to be human.

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