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Sunday, March 1st – 4:30-6:30pm
Matt Renzi’s “Arm-Sized Legging”
which way west? Sunday concert series

$20 suggested donation; any amount appreciated

Matt Renzi – saxophone, clarinet, English horn
Jessica Ivry – cello
John Wiitala – bass
Tim Bulkley – drums

Arm-Sized Legging is a project consisting of woodwinds (saxophone, clarinet, english horn), cello, bass, and drums, playing a repertoire of all original compositions. The music explores textures and colors, as well as various sonorities of the distinct instrumentation. Although many parts are written out, there is also plenty of room for improvisation; the group utilizes both free-form and traditional song forms as the basis of collective soloing.

“In 48 minutes of music, Matt Renzi says more than most sax players will say in a lifetime.”
–Blaine Fallis, All About Jazz

“Renzi is an adept and lyrical player, possessed of a fertile melodic imagination and an intense musicality.”
— Chris Kelsey, Jazz Times

“Whatever instrument he plays, tenor, clarinet, oboe, flute, or english horn, Matt is a story teller and it runs in his blood.”
–Ken Micallef, NYC Jazz Record



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