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Sunday, February 13 – 5pm
Maurice Tani & Henry Salvia:
Lessons of Love
on the Eve of St. Valentine’s Day
an Americana dive into songs of the heart,
from the romantic to the murderous

Maurice Tani has been called a “cartographer of the human heart” (Scott Bloom, in The Bay Twang). Henry Salvia is all heart, with a winsome view of romance and a facility on keyboard that’s made him the cornerstone of countless bands traveling the backroads of country & R&B music.

As Maurice’s record company, Little Village Foundation, says “Known for his wry/rye-to-romantic songwriting, agile guitar style and expressive singing, Tani’s particular flavor of Americana is a broad spectrum tincture of influences to cure what ails you. While rooted (at times distantly) in country music, his writing is centered on an urban-western perspective. Short musical narratives of life on the left coast. A sort of cinema for the blind.”

Love is blind. Maurice and Henry are beautiful.

$15 cover charge at the door, plus proof of vaccination (against the virus, if not against heartbreak) and a mask to hide your secret sorrow or lustful grin. For a reservation, call 415-586-3733, and be sure to claim your seat by showtime.

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