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Bird Beckett open

Now open for business at the storefront six days a week!

We’re now open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday.

We can fill your requests for specific titles
and help you find the books you don’t know you need.
Upon request, we can admit you to the shop to browse.

Walk down, take a bus or find a parking space — and visit our storefront!

Do us all a favor and keep your six feet of distance inside and outside both.
Please wear a mask when you approach the door, and at all times inside.
And use hand sanitizer (we have that) before you come in and when you leave.  

It’s all for the public good, and for you and our staff as well.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

To order ahead for take out, call us at 415-586-3733,
and then duplicate the contact with an email to us at [email protected]
(with “book order” in the subject line, please).
If we don’t get back to you in 24 hours, then try again.

We’re thinly staffed and busy with incredible customer demand,
for which we are supremely grateful.

Thanks for paying by check or cash when possible,
so we can keep the 3% we would otherwise pay out to the card companies.

The proprietor has become somewhat exercised over the notion that the card companies (i.e., the financial institutions) take a cut of nearly every person-to-person transaction occurring these days. They even skim from the sales tax money we collect from you to remit to the government. We take your 8.5%, the card companies grab their piece of that, and we make it up from our revenues when its time to send that money to the IRS. Does that make sense? Do the card companies build schools, roads, public health clinics?
In restaurants, they skim from the tip you add to your bill; maybe the restaurant makes it up to the employee or maybe the employee just has to share their tips with the card companies–it probably varies on a case-by-case basis.

But should this be the way it is?

Cut the card companies out of your transactions when you’re at Bird & Beckett!

And thanks to those of you declining some of our customary discounts.
That helps our bottom line a lot.

Thanks for keeping Bird & Beckett going, and for loving books,
creativity and the human spirit as much as we do!

photos by Scott Strezzante, San Francisco Chronicle, 5/18/20.

Our events are put on under the umbrella of the nonprofit Bird & Beckett Cultural Legacy Project (the "BBCLP"). That's how we fund our ambitious schedule of 300 or so concerts and literary events every year.

The BBCLP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit...
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