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TONIGHT! The Big Show!!
One slip makes you a mother…
The Bad Mommies: Live!!!
…and so much larger than life!

Tuesday, August 30th – 7:30-10 pm
Put the kids to bed and c’mon out!
Please don’t bring ’em– they’d be scarred for life!

Desperate and dazed by the agony of sleepless nights and endless days of ill-conceived parenthood,
          caught in a trap, I can’t walk out, because I’ve got two children, baby…
three gorgeous women with sparkling shades hiding tired eyes
          too tired for my life, I’m too tired for my life, life’s going to kill me…
sit perched on the wall of a neighborhood sandpit…

Floppy bags of toys, diapers and sippy cups spill unnoticed at their feet, the children unseen, unheard, just screaming! screaming! somewhere behind some plastic playstructure…

They recognize themselves in each other, trade weary stories, and form, first, a bond…

and then…  a band!

And miraculously there, in the night, gleams the neon of your favorite dive… El Rio… and Los Train Wreck waiting to TAKE THEM THERE!  

To glam… to glory… to their own eponymous cocktail! Where they sing for you… and you… and you!

Where they save themselves and show the way one song at a time, one night of reckless relief a month… proselytizing for the condom, the birth control pill, the good judgement to avoid the wrecks they’ve made of their own pitiful lives… offering a new generation of women the hope that comes from the thought that parenthood is a choice, AND NEED NOT BE SELECTED!

And if you’ve made that mistake? Then you need the relief the Bad Mommies can offer. Laugh at life, shake your fist at a don’t care-ish god… order up a Bad Mommy, sip it and hoist it to the glamour and the abandon of three women who won’t be talked back to!

Bad Mommies Photo booth 1Every second Tuesday, you’ll hear these darlings of the desperate, the dissolute and the deranged repurpose another smash hit at El Rio, down on Mission Street, where they’ve been holding forth for x number of years, backed by Los Train Wreck, the baddest musicians in town.

Every second Friday, at the Saloon up in North Beach, you’ll witness them making good on guitar god Jinx Jones’ promise of a full stage show, ripping it up and raving it up… and enticing the most hardbitten barfly to drop a sawbuck in the tip jar. Saving themselves one song at a time!

But on this grand occasion, backed by a crack band drawn from both scenes, the Bad Mommies – Angie – Mandi – Lopa – take the stage at Bird & Beckett with a full book of their best tunes.

It’s a Bad Mommies retrospective, a grand indulgence of three women you would never say no to.

Nobody says no to the Bad Mommies!

Not their sniveling children, and certainly not you!

And you will put it away, put it away, put it away, now!

Bad Mommies Poster

The Bad Mommies are there for you, in your darkest night… always…


And backing them up at Bird & Beckett…
Los Train Wreck All Stars

 Todd Swenson, guitar
          (Big Bang Beat, The Soul Delights)

Ian Ratzer, keyboards
          (Pacific Standard)

Paul Olguin, bass
          (countless associations from Mary Wells to Maria Muldaur,
Bob Weir to Chuck Prophet)

Robin Roth, drums
          (Johnny Nitro & the Doorslammers)

Bad Mommies Back Up Band



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