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Saturday, June 4 – 7:30pm
Pedro J Pastrana Quartet
Cuatro-inflected Puerto Rican jazz/folk fusion with a soca twist

The Pedro Pastrana Quartet is for sure a latin jazz ensemble, though it’s one like no other. On paper, the group might seem like your traditional jazz quartet — a wind instrument, bass, drums and a chordal instrument, in this case, the cuatro. But it’s the integration of the cuatro that defines the Ensemble’s unique style, connecting the earthy quality of a folk sound with the sophisticated harmony of modern jazz and the syncopated rhythms of the Caribbean. The Ensemble’s sound is not dominated by either of these genres but is defined by their intersection.

Simply put: Tower of Power meets Pat Metheny meets Familia Cepeda meets “Mapeyé” meets Evel Knievel.

A live stream will be found on Bird & Beckett Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Check your preconceptions at the door, and enjoy the work of:

Pedro J. Pastrana, Puerto Rican Cuatro
Pedro is a music creator rethinking the concept of Puerto Rican music; a Puerto Rican composer with a cuatro in his hands and a world in his head. Crossing over invisible frontiers with an (extra)ordinary approach to music. Pedro aims at fusing the earthy quality of folk music with forward looking compositions and live performances reflecting the mixed identities of his heritage and influences.

Miguelito Martinez, Flute
Miguelito promotes and creates awareness about the musical richness and diversity of Mexico, widening the narrow view that the world has of Latin America. He is the founding director of Corazon Sur, a Mexican-Caribbean fusion ensemble, and co-director of Balamcoatl, a collaborative project focused on diffusing the rich music and dance traditions of the indigenous people of Mexico.  After two years of playing in diverse venues, nationally and internationally, Miguelito Martínez traveled to the United States, where he lives now.  He has performed and recorded with Alfredo de la Fe, Orestes Vilato, Karl Perazzo, Juan Carlos Formel, Michael Spiro, Orlando Maraca Valle, Felix Valoy, Ralph Irizarry, Little Johnny Rivero, Calixto Oviedo, Alex Acuña, and many more. Miguelito stays busy in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Latin music scene, playing Afro-Caribbean Music and Latin Jazz with internationally renowned musicians. In 2009, he was awarded the best Latin Jazz Flautist of The Year for the Latin Jazz Corner. Miguelito was the composer for the Youth in Arts first World Premiere production based on Elisa Kleven’s popular Paper Princess book series supported in part by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the San Francisco Foundation. He was awarded grants by the San Francisco Friends of Chamber of music and The Oakland Arts Council to produce a CD project called “Cuba le  Canta a Mexico”, a tribute to Mexican composers with a twist of Cuban music. Besides his busy musical career as a composer, musician, and educator, he enjoys cooking, traveling, and hiking.

Chris Trinidad, Bass Guitar
San Francisco Bay Area based musician, teacher, and scholar Chris Trinidad has fallen into the place where everything is music. Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, his relationship with music grew through his exploration of the bass guitar, the drum set, voice, songwriting, and choral conducting. Chris’s formal education includes undergraduate training in Jazz Studies and Secondary Education, and graduate work in the fields of Philosophy and Sociology of Music Education, Theological and Liturgical Studies, and Educational and Interdisciplinary Leadership.  All of these seemingly disparate disciplines and interests help to inform the music that he makes. He has discerned that the core purpose of his work is to accompany and encourage people to pursue their calling. He currently divides his time between freelance music making with various groups and artists, trying to develop high school students into compassionate human beings, and working on defeating his addiction to improvising excessively in the saddest of all keys … D minor. For more information, visit his website at www.christrinidad.com.

Aaron Kierbel, Drums
Aaron Kierbel is one of the most innovative and in-demand drummers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Known for his dynamic and versatile approach, Aaron has played and recorded with many top Bay Area artists such as Rupa and the April Fishes, The Jazz Mafia, Meklit Hadero, Diana Gameros, La Misa Negra, The San Francisco Mime Troupe and many more. Aaron grew up in Los Angeles, CA, absorbing the rich tapestry of music spilling out from its clubs and streets: jazz, blues, hip-hop, classical Indian, Latin, funk and much more. He studied drum set with esteemed teachers such as Joe Porcaro and Earl Palmer, then later with George Marsh, Akira Tana and Pete Magadini in San Francisco. Aaron is also a passionate and respected drum instructor, known for his accessible and engaging approach to teaching all ages and skill levels. He is the founder of RhythmALLogy, an organization which uses facilitated group drumming for building connection, community and celebration.

Here are a couple of videos to chew on in anticipation:


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