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Thursday, December 1 – 7pm
Poets! Daniel Wolff and Kimberly Nunes, featured poets, plus open mic

Regarding Daniel Wolff”s new book from Four Way Books, More Poems About Money:
Poet Rosanna Warren calls it “an angry and ingenious collection… [that] indicts global capitalism in a fury of word-play, rhymes, squint-eyed sonnets, and puns.” Author Jonathan Galassi describes the work as “razor-sharp, deeply witty, sardonic meditations.”

This Wolff’s fourth collection; his poetry has appeared in many literary magazines including The Paris Review, the American Poetry Review, The Three Penny Review, and Raritan.

From prologue:
“What do global combat and property ownership have to do with sex and sea turtles? According to Daniel Wolff—as it turns out, everything. More Poems about Money looks at the economic times we live in, from boom to bust, from the suburbs to the warzone, in a voice that ranges from humorous to desperate. Grappling with monetary value and how it infringes on self worth, Wolff asks simultaneously timeless and timely questions—Who has capital, who doesn’t, and does that ever change?—in a style both humorous and unflinching, sparing not even himself. “‘The market runs on credit,” Wolff reminds us, “which romantics call yearning. / A flame. Or a sonnet.” Yes, art also participates in capitalism as our lyrics stoke the fire of want, fueling this system and getting snuffed by it. Pivoting from the Great Recession toward today’s crisis, this undaunted book illuminates the transactions we aren’t supposed to talk about, beckoning us toward the future we can’t imagine… yet.”

There can’t be more poems about money
because there haven’t been any.
Nothing deep or funny
about a penny.
It isn’t even real.
What people lose sleep over, kill to collect,
hoard, squander, steal—
is a promise. Inspect
the coin more closely;
it has no value, only stands
for value: gold we’re mostly
told. What the teller hands
over—the un-poetic teller—
is a symbol. Legal. Tender.

A native of California, Kimberly Nunes divides her time between Marin County and Carmel by the Sea, and gives the balance to the wilds of New York City and other foreign destinations. Kimberly centers her business affairs on a family run farming operation based in Salinas, California. Prior to devoting full time to raising three children who are now adults, she worked in marketing and sales in the cable TV and publishing industries. She also spent a year teaching undergraduate business courses at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA.

Committed to community, Kimberly has spent many years working as a volunteer and fundraiser for schools and the arts. Since 2008 she has been a trustee of the Sutter Pacific Medical Center Foundation in San Francisco where she is a member of the Grants and Disbursements and Finance committees, and chair of the Research and Education Leadership Council.

Kimberly holds a bachelor’s degree in French, an MBA in international marketing, an MA in Humanities, and an MFA in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College, 2013. Currently, she is completing one manuscript of poetry and working on two others. Some of her poems have been published in journals such as The Alembic, Caveat Lector, Mantis, Marin Poetry Center Anthology, The Madison Review, and WomenArts Quarterly. A nature and fitness devotee, when not writing or working, Kimberly manages the practicalities of loved ones and home, time and expansion.

An open mic follows the featured readers.

Michael Koch and Jerry Ferraz host.

Live streamed on the Bird & Beckett YouTube channel and Facebook page.
$10 suggested donation per the directions on the screen (paypal, venmo, cash app).


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