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Potrero Hillbillies Soo(2)

Thursday, March 24 – 7:30pm
Potrero Hillbillies Serenade Soo
& Celebrate the Soommunity!!
all welcome to stop in!

A neighborhood party just for the heck of it! Do come!

Joe the Quilter & his confreres Joshua Raoul Brody and Christopher in the Potrero Hillbillies gotta do something on a Thursday night, like play some music, and Joe’s good friend Soo Emens just needs to walk across the street from her bizness called POD opposite B&B…So we decided to throw Soo a party! BYOB and join us!

Maybe Soo will bring her POD partner Kevelynne; we’ll invite the mayor’s favorite new public voice, our own Marion the haircutter from Dalere’s. Maybe Tony from Critter Fritters & Deb & Joe from Destination will come!

Look for one of these neighborhood parties once a quarter. We’re thinking June 16, for Tony.
It’s going to be a regular opportunity to let your hair down around folks you kinda recognize from the market, the canyon, the gym, the library, the dry cleaners… wherever you go when you emerge from your dwelling…

Eric Shifrin’s going to play a little intermission piano. All are welcome. No charge.

If ya wanna tip the band, it’ll defray our expense, so check under the seat cushions
and see if you can round up some bucks for that. But don’t stress!

Just poke your nose in Thursday evening and add a little of your own conviviality to the atmosphere!

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