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Old news, circa Feb 2021: Living in the Purple Tier

We’re back in the purple tier, thinking about Prince and thinking about how much more comfortable this tier feels relative to wherever that was we just were. But it is purple, and officially that’s pretty far from safe, so we’ll continue to urge you to “Collaborate to keep San Francisco safe, neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block, household by household, shop by shop.” As long as we’re in this tier, we’ll proceed cautiously until the tragedies really subside and the experts & authorities let us know that the tide has turned decisively in our favor.

So, we’re allowing in just a few browsers at a time, say half a dozen as long as everyone gives each other plenty of room, keeps their masks on (up over the nose, please, and no exceptions, please) and makes sure their hands are washed or sanitized before handling the stock, etc. (there’s hand sanitizer at the door and a bathroom with soap and water). Be sure you sanitize those hands again when you leave, for your own good lest you’ve picked up nefarious elements while inside despite all our best efforts!

For anyone who prefers not to come inside — a sensible decision, we’re certain — or when our small capacity is met, we’ll be happy to work with you at the door of the shop and can fetch what you need or think you might want from inside; and, of course, we’ll take orders. To order, email the details to us at [email protected], then give us a call at 415-586-3733 to alert us to your email and your needs.

Given that store hours are limited (noon to 6pm six days a week), we’re open to making the occasional individual appointment outside store hours; call 415-586-3733.

The proprietor has decided to live in San Francisco without a car, so our ability to make deliveries to those sheltering in place is pretty limited. We can, however, have books shipped directly from our distributor to your home for the cost of shipping and $.65 per book (that’s a fee the distributor levies on us). To the extent that you can stay home, we want to encourage and facilitate that judgment call, so don’t hesitate to avail yourself of home delivery. Sorry about the attendant shipping charge!

As for live music! Well, still no audiences are allowed in for the music and we imagine it will be quite some time before that changes. But we continue to live stream wonderful stress-relieving, soul-restoring and stimulating jazz played by San Francisco’s phenomenally talented jazz musicians on Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30pm via Facebook and YouTube. We’re taking as many precautions as we can think of to make that safe for the musicians and staff, but we’re always open to your suggestions and queries.

Well! Thanks for joining us in the effort to turn the tide. Stay well! No point in waiting for the magic bullet, as promising as the vaccine and political developments are. There are still months to go, but we all feel, I think, that we’re getting there!

And thanks for your incredible support of the bookshop and its neighboring businesses! San Francisco really is a pretty special corner of heaven. Just turns out that heaven isn’t always smooth sledding. So be it. Rock on! 


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The BBCLP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit...
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The Independent Musicians Alliance

Gigging musicians! You have nothing to lose but your lack of a collective voice to achieve fair wages for your work!
The IMA can be a conduit for you, if you join in to make it work.


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