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Sunday, November 19th – 4:30-6:30 pm
Ramana Vieira Fado
which way west? Sunday concert series

Journey to the world of Portuguese Fado as interpreted by Ramana Vieira. Born in San Leandro, CA to Portuguese immigrants, Viera was raised on a diet of traditional Fado music that has made its way into the very core of her being. With inspiration from Amália Rodrigues to Shakira and Dulce Pontes, Vieira and her ensemble play both classics and their own original music.

Fado, the most widely recognized genre of Portuguese music, dates back to 19th century.  The word Fado literally means destiny or fate. Musically, Fado is characterized by poetic lyrics related to the darker elements of love, loss, redemption, and occasionally humor–as heard on Viera’s original composition “A Fadista” from her album Fado da Vida.

Vieira’s parents immigrated to the United States from Portugal, where her grandfather was a well-known musician and composer from Madeira Island. Vieira grew up listening to American pop, alongside Portuguese folk music and Fado.  “During my childhood, I sang with my mother to Amália Rodrigues and other famous Fadistas (or Fado musicians) that were part of mom’s special record collection,” says Vieira.

Andrew Gilbert, writing in the Boston Globe, says “Ramana Vieira deserves a prominent place in the front rank of today’s Fado singers. You will feel transported to another place….maybe Bairro Alto, Lisbon… Ramana Vieira is a force in spreading awareness of Fado, having developed her style in California, abroad in Portugal, and listening to its many modes.”

Lyricist Alex-De Lusignan, notes that “Ramana is a hidden gem which the world deserves to discover: Her music blends together the most unlikely basic components – Californian ease and carefree spirit, with stern, melancholy, ancient Portuguese … and the result is a fascinating and unique style where Fado, Jazz, Groove, Ethereal, Blues, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Lounge, Classical and even Trance surprise you every time. She’s passionate and light, like a warm sunset!”

Visit to hear some samples of Viera’s work.

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