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Adrian Areas

Postponed: 3/21/20
Adrian Areas Latin Jazz Quartet
jazz club! when lights are low…
every Saturday night at Bird & Beckett

$20 cover charge / sliding scale available

Adrian Areas, percussion Dan Neville, vibes Jordan Brysk, bass Brian Andres, drums Adrian Areas is a percussionist from the San Francisco Bay Area. He was born with music in his blood, since he is the son of founding member of the Santana Band, musician and composer, Jose Chepito Areas-Timbalero and Conguero. Adrian has played the drums, timbales, bongos and tumbadoras since he was 1 year old. Adrian’s earliest achievements are playing for the opening of Cow Place in 1976 with Santana at the age of 3, playing drums for the Just Kidding program channel 4 as well as playing timbales with his dad at the 15th anniversary of the Santana band.

Adrian has a unique style while giving voice and life to his instruments and spice to any melodies. He has played and performed with Tito Puente, Carlos Patato Valdez, Jerry Gonzalez, Santana, Journey, The Doobie Bros, The Steve Miller Band, Joe Satriani, Arturo Sandoval and the Gregg Rolie Band (founder of Santana Band and Journey). In addition, Adrian has recorded with prestigious bands such as Steve Miller Band, Mingus Amungus Live in Cuba, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Braxton Bothers and The Gregg Rolie Band. Adrian is part of the Project de Congueros with Jaz Sawyer and Javier Navarrette. Adrian has recently recorded on the upcoming Alphonso Johnson solo Album( Master Bassist).

Adrian is joined by the likes of Bay Area heavyweight Brian Andres, the beautiful Jordan Brysk on the baby bass, and musical director Dan Neville on the vibraphone with his debut performance upon returning from an extended stay in Colombia.



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-- Les Ferriss


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