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Friday, May 17th – 5:30-8:00 pm
B&B Anniversary Special
Scott Foster Septet!
jazz in the bookshop
every Friday since October 2002

Geechi Taylor, trumpet; David Boyce and James Mahone, reeds; Grant Levin, piano; Scott Foster, guitar; David Ewell, bass; Cairo McCockran, drums.

Now, if that ain’t something… well, then, we just don’t know!

But we think we know. That’s something!

Happy anniversary to us!

Bring dough for the musicians! Big dough if you’ve got it! $20 would be appropriate if  you’ve got it. More or less is ok. Remember, we have seven musicians on the bandstand who make their living this way, or at least as much of their living as is possible.

But there’s no set cover… as has always been the case for our weekly Friday 5:30 shows, now in their 18th year, with never a missed Friday in all those years. We owe the neighborhood big time for helping us keep this going; we owe Chuck Peterson for getting it started; and we owe the musicians and poets who come through Bird & Beckett for giving us their bountiful talents! Scott’s been part of jazz in the bookshop from the start, and the six musicians joining him on the bandstand tonight have all crossed our stage from one to many dozens of times, and are beyond great. Lucky we are!!

Tonight is definitely the centerpiece of our 20th anniversary celebration, which started on May 10th and continues through May 20th!

Once upon a time at Bird & Beckett:

Jimmy Ryan, drums; Howie Dudune, saxophone; Don Prell, bass; Scott Foster, guitar; Chuck Peterson, saxophone; Rick Elmore, trombone.

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