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Marc Dulman

Soul on the Run

Marc DulmanMarc Dulman has gone into permanent exile now, and we miss him!  He was a fine writer — of poetry, plays, prose fiction — and also a dedicated teacher with a long history at CCSF.  A man who was constantly attuned to his own muse, who was confident that his writing was on par with the writers of the ages and who was likely quite correct in that assessment.  We’re glad to have known him, and to have heard him read his own work — whether it was the poems collected in the volume called House Wine, the play called Ten Franc, or other work that he polished until it shone deep and bright.

Marc’s colleagues and friends will gather May 5th, Sunday, at 2 pm to read some of his work — particularly the novel which was on the verge of publication when he passed away suddenly a few months ago.  Soul on the Run has indeed come out from Montezuma Publishing–a moving evocation of Dante Alighieri’s years of exile from Florence and his composition of the masterwork which we have known through the ages.  Reading Soul on the Run, you feel that you’re reading a bit of Marc’s own story as he wandered in his own internal intellectual exile, searching for a place and a life among the works of literature that he considered his home.

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  1. Carol Fregly on May 7, 2013 at 7:35 am

    Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday’s event honoring the memory of our colleague Marc Dulman. And a very special thanks to Eric and the staff of Bird and Beckett Books for making it possible.

    It was a lovely day, filled with beautiful tributes and warm memories, and a wonderful opportunity to hear some of Marc’s poetry, as well as excerpts from his recently released novel, SOUL ON THE RUN.

    Marc’s writing captures precious moments and reminds us of the richness and fullness of living consciously.

    With that in mind, we would like to establish an English Department scholarship in Marc’s name for a deserving student in English 96 (or higher) who has published poetry or fiction in FORUM or in a similar magazine.

    If you would like to contribute to this fund, which we hope to set up before the end of this semester, please let me know.


    Carol Fregly
    c/o CCSF English Department

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