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Haida art

Thursday, May 19 – 7:30pm
Walker Talks! Live Stream!
Coastal Myth Worlds

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The Pacific Rim is a meeting-place of many forms of life. Oral literatures speak to the mind’s inner structures in ways more basic than time can tell.

In his May talk, Walker Brents III will approach further dimensions of this mystery, contemplating the narrative art of the Haida people.

Since first emerging from the stacks of Bird & Beckett over twenty years ago, Walker has been regaling audiences here with near-monthly extemporaneous observations on diverse aspects of myth, poetry, philosophy and imagination. When not here, he can be found telling stories in the galleries of the Asian Art Museum or in the classrooms of the elementary school where he works during the academic year. Come summer, he and his wife Joyce, both teachers, ramble for a few months up the coast, then eastward, south to Texas and back through the southwest to the coast once again, catching up with family and the timeless and ever changing cultural landscapes along the way. Catch his talk in May, then check our calendar in August for his next talk.

Live streamed on Bird & Beckett’s YouTube channel and Facebook page (see the links above). Donations welcome to help us pay him for his efforts… You can use the donation button on the navigation bar at the top of this website for that. Send us a note to bir[email protected] so we can properly attribute your generosity.

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