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Book of H - Practitioner

Wednesday, September 4th – 7:30-9pm
Ben Goldberg and Michael Coleman
explore the music of Steve Lacy

$20 cover charge/sliding scale available.

Practitioner, the duo of Ben Goldberg and Michael Coleman, explores the music of Steve Lacy. Their first cd came complete with a set of jazzball cards! What’s not to like?

This time out, they drill one right through the gap into the outfield that is Lacy’s Book of H!

Says Michael, “We’ll be playing the mysterious and quixotic Book of H by Steve Lacy. We’ve been working on this music for 5 years (!!) and it just keeps getting hazier. A dream come true.” 

Take a stroll through Ben’s discography at this link. Pay particular attention to the graphic at the top, and when you get to the same graphic as an album cover, well then take a minute and “read more.” I mean click on through and read the whole thing. Then you’ll have a pretty good feel for how Ben feels about Steve Lacy and the why of this music. Then, come to the show tonight and hear him and Michael do the what of it. We’re extraordinarily lucky here in the Glen Park, you know?

Oh, and read the stuff at this link! You’ll be happy you did. And, yeah, come to the show at the shop tonight! We call it the Velvet Lounge for a show like this. Just looks like the same old shop, but it sure feels like it’s a place you might call the Velvet Lounge… A tip of the hat to Fred Anderson, saxophonist. You could look him up. We’re glad he existed.

Oh, and listen and watch this at this link! No, really, do it! We’re happy to think you will.

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