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Books getting too expensive?

browsing for books at Bird & Beckett

Look at it this way… A new book published by Random House, Yale University Press or Penguin — or any real publisher — has a set retail price that’s the same whether you buy it in San Francisco, Fresno, Atlanta or Dubuque. Ok, maybe Amazon discounts it 84%, but we’re not talking about that here…So, even though living in San Francisco is way more expensive than all but a few U.S. cities, the cost of bookbuying here is just as cheap as anywhere else!  What better way to utilize those high salaries afforded you as a San Francisco wage earner… and if you’re on a fixed income, we don’t tap it any more than it would be tapped anywhere else…

Whereas that meal you buy in one of the hundreds of trending restaurants in San Francisco costs you way more than what you ‘d pay in those other cities — true, it’s likely a better meal, but that much better?  You’ve got to wonder sometimes…

Same deal with a beer on tap or a cocktail…  or your next apartment…

So when you figure it that way, you’ve got to come to the conclusion that spending your money on books in a San Francisco bookshop is one of the most economical things you can do!  Outside of writing one yourself…

And used books?  Bird & Beckett’s getting a little less fancy with our prices on those things, so come down and browse the shelves for some good deals.  You can even dicker with us at the cash register on the price of any given used book if you think it’s a bit inflated.  We’re reasonable people!

Main thing, don’t turn your back on books!  They’re still wonderfully beguiling & intoxicating for anyone susceptible to their siren call.

Buying ’em at Bird & Beckett is the thing to do– all the fanciest people are doing it!  That’s why we’re getting rich and, with this economic reasoning, that’s why you’re staying rich!

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