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The Oy Way!

Sunday, October 21st – 2:00 p.m.
Follow the Path of Most Resistance! 
Cogitator, philosopher & humorist Harvey Gottliffe
imparts the technique and wisdom — and the
beneficial health effects — of “The Oy Way”.

Feeling a little stiff after a vigorous Saturday of windsurfing, gardening and gesticulating through the social hour after synagogue?  Maybe those bones and muscles just won’t let you dance the Funky Chicken through Sunday Mass?  Existential questions got you down?  Better come down to Bird & Beckett at the respectable hour of 2 o’clock to get a primer and a work out on The Oy Way!

From Exercise 14:
Assume the shteyn stance.
–Be sure that your body is uncentered and your mind is slightly cluttered.
–Take a deep breath, tremble a bit at the knees, and let out a melancholy sigh.
–Shrug your shoulders and hold for five seconds after you have gone as high as possible without leaving the ground. Release your shoulders.
— Gently, but firmly, smack the left side of your head with the palm of your left hand, look upward, and plaintively moan “oy vey!”  Return to the shteyn stance…

Harvey Gotliffe edits the Ho-Ho-Kus-Cogitator, has contributed to the Huffington Post on Yiddish language and culture, and wrote the article in the Encyclopaedia Judaica on “The Jewish America”.    His work with Holocaust survivors dates back a decade and led directly to a presentation about Yiddish-speaking survivors — and the introduction of “The Oy Way” — at the International Association of Yiddish Clubs Annual Conference in 2011.

Now he brings it to you!  Don’t miss out!

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