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Jeff Sanford

Friday, October 30 – 7:30pm
Jeff Sanford Quartet
live jazz streamed from the bookshop
every Friday!

Jeff Sanford Cartoon Jazz Octet – 1/13/17

Multi-instrumentalist Jeff Sanford leads a talented quartet of merrie melodions at Bird & Beckett this Friday,  playing sublimely cheerful and deeply poignant music offered up in the face of our current time of massive smoky virusy political madness.

Favorite standards and a few tunes Jeff has written this month!

~~ Links to the live stream can be found below ~~

Jeff Sanford  reeds and flute
Andy Ostwald  piano
Simon Planting  bass
Mark Rosengarden  drums

Jeff has been well known and wildly acclaimed in these parts for decades for his large and madcap “Cartoon Jazz” ensembles. For this intimate live stream — from our little stage through the ether into the vast global ear — he and three colleagues will prove that a few sympatico individuals can create a wide aural world of ecstatic and profound emotion.

We’re so happy to welcome Jeff back to Bird & Beckett!

Jeff Sanford with Eric and the In Crowd – 6/29/17

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