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Joe Warner - 2

Friday, October 23 – 7:30pm
Joe Warner Trio
jazz in the bookshop every Friday since 2002
live streamed every week since mid-March

Joe Warner, piano
James Wiley, bass
Deszon X. Claiborne, drums

Consummate piano trio work for today!
Jazz in America, 2020
live streamed from Bird & Beckett

Joe Warner, by dint of massive talent and tireless engagement in the art and beauty of jazz, has taken up permanent residence deep in the heart of America’s classical music.

James Wiley, a young up-and-coming bassist from Oakland, is a classically trained pianist and graduate of Oakland School for the Arts who has received dual musical training as a bassist within the Black church. His professional career of over four years has been grounded in performance with such legendary artists as The Dynamic Miss Faye Carol.

Deszon X. Claiborne sits solidly astride the traditions of jazz, driving the music from his kit.
“Deszon paints a sonic canvas connecting melody and time.” –Haroun Serang

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