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walker and jim

Wednesday, October 28 – 7:30pm
Walker Brents III, as the voting continues…
Democratic Vistas Revealed!

Walt Whitman saw it coming!  The basic themes are nothing new, no less perplexing, no less calling for creative resolution.

Imagine him saying now what he has already said:  “In politics–just as it is in religion–some people get an idea of the necessity of believing certain things, not so much from weight of evidence, out or in,–but from mere mental and emotional set-ness:  they intend believing–and that is all there is about it!”

And yet we contain multitudes, each of us, individually.  “To me there is something curious, indescribably divine, in the compound individuality that is in everyone.  I suppose there are four hundred leaves of grass, one after another, contradictory, held together by that iron band–individuality, personality, identity.”

“I have great faith in the masses–beneath all the froth, illiteracy, worse, there is something latent–now and then to break forth–which cannot be defied, which saves us at last.”

An optimist?  A pessimist?  Both and neither.  A beholder of eternal laws, inspired with the grace of hope.  One who saw the worst and the best, the outcome of which is only more truth to tell.

Whitman and the Book of Revelation!  Each to be consulted as we approach Election Day!  At Bird and Beckett!

Tune in, ye poetic citizens, ye heroic listeners!

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