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Stay tuned for the next B&B benefit party in Jerry Ferraz's backyard! Here's some video of the last one!

Philly Girl

Monday, October 28th – 7pm
Janice Shapiro
a memorial reading of her memoir, Philly Girl

Janice Shapiro lived her life with curiosity, joy, abandon and openheartedness. The 36 vignettes in Philly Girl speak of her deep, personal relationships spanning her early years in Philadelphia through her full and multi-faceted adulthood in San Francisco. With warmth and humor, her stories reveal the woman so many people loved, and the life she embraced passionately until her premature death at 68 from cancer.

Free event. Refreshments will be served.




"It is in doubt and not in faith that the salvation of the world is to be found. Faith is a delusion and a snare: a pitfall, a prison. It intimidates the intellect. With fear of eternal damnation religion crushes intellectual activity; with hero worship it destroys individuality; with hopes for the beyond it prevents the growth of ideals for the present. It makes of us a race of intellectual cowards; it changes but little if any our daily conduct toward each other. But doubt sets us free."

-- Job Harriman, 1902


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