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Walker Brents + Bengal & Beyond

Sunday, April 29 Come to the Glen Park Festival! An all-day frolic al fresco on Diamond Street from Bosworth to Chenery.  Crafts booths, food vendors, your occasional politician and a stage full of terrific musicians entertaining you & your 1,000 close personal friends-to-be!  Music on the Fest stage starts at 10:00 a.m. when our honorary Glen Park mayor & major domo Misisipi Mike introduces the kick off act, Gayle Schmitt and the Toodalla Ramblers doing a special set for the stroller set.  At 11:30, Misisip’s own Midnight Gamblers flower in the noon-day sun with a good-natured honky tonk set to get the grown-ups up & hollerin’.  Neighborhood politico-musico’s District 8 follow at 1:00; and then Jinx Jones & KingTones take the stage at 1:45  for a coronation rave-up.  World emperors Pangea play at 3:15, globalizing the whole deal. The cosmos in a microcosm, on the best block in the best…

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Don Prell + Dan Richman + Macy Blackman + Bill Vartnaw

Friday, May 4 to Monday, May 7 Jazz in the bookshop every Friday, from 5:30 to 8:00 pm This week: Don Prell’s Seabop Ensemble. Sunday at 2pm, Dan Richman considers the phenomenon of “enclosure”… the loss of the commons, the building of borders, fences and walls around the world we once inhabited together; and at 4:30 pm on Sunday, our which way west? concert series features the rockin’ New Orleans R&B of Macy Blackman & the Mighty Fines. Then, on Monday starting 7, its an evening of poetry, with featured readers Bill Vartnaw (Poet Laureate of Sonoma County!) and Patty Trimble– open mic to follow.  The whole show is hosted by Jerry Ferraz, peripathetic bard & a San Francisco native… it’s a twice-a-month affair at Bird & Beckett– the first & third Monday of every month.

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John Trudell + Hindustani Classical Music

Sunday, April 22 – 2 pm John Trudell Poet, Musician, Activist John Trudell is an acclaimed poet, national recording artist, actor and activist, with an international following that reflects the universal language of his words, work and message. Today at Bird & Beckett, he’ll read poems and lyrics collected in his book Lines from a Mined Mind. Trudell (Santee Sioux) was a spokesperson for the Indian of All Tribes occupation of Alcatraz Island from 1969 to 1971. He worked with the American Indian Movement (AIM), serving as Chairman of AIM from 1973 to 1979. In February of 1979, a fire of unknown origin killed Trudell’s wife, three children and mother-in-law. It was through this horrific tragedy that Trudell began to find his voice as an artist and poet, writing, in his words, “to stay connected to this reality.” In 1982, Trudell began recording his poetry to traditional Native music and…

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Jeanne Powell & Nancy Keane

Monday, April 16 – 7:00 pm Poets Jeanne Powell & Nancy Keane followed by an open mic POETS! First & Third Monday of each month, hosted by Jerry Ferraz Jeanne Powell’s collections of poetry include My Own Silence and Word Dancing.  A much admired poet and cultural critic, Jeanne has made a significant impact on the San Francisco poetry scene by hosting a long-running spoken word series — “Celebration of the Word” — which took place weekly in San Francisco for ten years, and by publishing numerous local and more far-flung poets as well under her imprint, Meridien PressWorks.  Her “Living Treasures”  project was a particularly valuable effort, that brought out the books of four poets over age 70.  Read more on Jeanne at http://redroom.com/member/jeanne-powell. Nancy Keane — poet, publisher, artist and proprietor of one of the truly great and storied watering holes in San Francisco — hosts a legendary…

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Friday at Bird & Beckett – Jimmy Ryan + Daisy Rockwell

Happy Birthday, Sam! April 13 is Samuel Beckett’s putative birthday– so this Friday, let’s toast the great man and his good works!  Scott Baker & Val Fachman, fond thespian interpreters of his words and fresh back from Paris, will hold forth at the break between jazz sets this evening to share a few of Sam’s poems in his original French and his own English translations of same!  Guinness & Jamesons the drinks of choice! Friday, April 13, 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm Jimmy Ryan Quintet Jazz in the Bookshop Every Friday! Henry Hung (trumpet), Danny Grewen (trombone), Scott Foster (guitar), Bishu Chatterjee (bass) & Jimmy Ryan (drums).  Jimmy Ryan got his start in L.A. in the ’50s, got to San Francisco in the early ’60s, and has been a key member of the Bird & Beckett Friday night jazz series since the beginning, as has guitarist Scott Foster. This fine…

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Big Bash 2012

Coming up Saturday, May 19th Bird & Beckett’s Big Bash at the Clubhouse Once every couple of summers, we take our show up to the “clubhouse” on O’Shaughnessy to raise a little dough!  It sustains us down in Glen Park, where we do 18 events a month, the lion’s share of them under the auspices of the venerable Bird & Beckett Cultural Legacy Project. This will be our fourth “Big Bash” — each one a terrific community party, with bands, food, drink… and you!  $10 tix will be available in advance (but not just yet). Stay tuned for our entertainment line up, though we can tell you that it will be focused on the folks that have poured through the public high school that sits up on the rim of Glen Canyon, The Ruth Asawa School of the Arts. Many young musicians and writers whose talents have been developed at the…

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Dave Parker Trio, Turning a Train of Thought Upside Down, Joe Lasqo

this weekend at Bird & Beckett… Friday – 5:30 to 8:00 pm jazz in the bookshop 3/30 – The Dave Parker Trio Jerry Logas, baritone and tenor saxes, flute and clarinet Charles Hamilton, trombone Dave Parker, bass Remember the halcyon days of the Red Rock Lounge?  That was Ric Lopez’s elegant little corner bar at Diamond & Chenery before Le P’tit Laurent took its place…  and Friday nights in Glen Park always sizzled with jazz from a fiery quintet that featured Dave Parker on bass along with Jerry Logas on saxes and the late trumpeter Mike Pitre.  Dave’s group holds down regular gigs now at the Purple Onion in North Beach and Farmer Brown’s in the Tenderloin– and once in a blue moon we lure the band back into Glen Park for a reprise of those early days.   Sunday – 2:30 to 4:00 pm Poetry Anthology Release Reading 4/1…

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April Which Way West? Events

Coming up in April at Bird & Beckett   which way west? Sunday concert series always 4:30-6:30 pm Two Sundays of solo piano — Joe Lasqo on April 1st Joel Forrester on April 8th (Easter Sunday) April 1:  Joe Lasqo merges Indian and Middle Eastern music with jazz and “Stockhausen meeting the sound of one hand clapping.”  You can always catch him on Wednesday afternoons at Viracocha on Valencia, where he plays intently as the world goes by, and on April 12 he’ll be at El Valenciano on that same fine street.  Then there’s the occasional gig at the Turquoise Yantra Grotto, which we’ll be happy to hip you to if you just ask… But you’ll hear Joe best on our little stage a week from this Sunday. His “Turquoise Sessions” cd (shown above at left) is a killer excursion across a vast and expansive terrain. April 8:  As for Joel…

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Indian Cinema Beyond Bollywood – Day 4

Bird & Beckett goes to the movies… at the Balboa Theatre in San Francisco’s Richmond District… we’ll see you there! Indian Cinema Beyond Bollywood: Classic & Contemporary Bengali Movies from Tollywood! Friday, March 16th to Tuesday, March 20th Before there was Bollywood, there was Tollywood–  Tollywood,  home of Bengali-language filmmaking, has long been the proving ground of many talents later usurped, exploited and made rich & famous by the Mumbai-based, Hindi-language Bollywood machine.  Its nickname came about in 1932, when a writer in American Cinematography magazine named it for the Tollygunge neighborhood of Kolkata (Calcutta) in which most of the Bengali-language movie production offices are based. Last Day!  Tuesday 3 flicks for 5 bucks! 5:00 pm Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne (The adventures of Goopy & Bagha) directed by Satyajit Ray, 1968 with Tapen Chatterjee and Robi Ghosh A delightful children’s fantasy filled with humour, adventure and magic, and at once a…

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Q R Hand and Arisa White

 Monday, March 19, 7 pm Poets! Arisa White & QR Hand Open Mic Follows Youth and experience go hand in hand… Arisa White’s debut poetry collection is Hurrah’s Nest.  QR’s life in poetry is sketched out in the book Whose Really Blues. Hurrah’s Nest:  A vivid and varied collection that addresses family loyalties, dysfunction, violence, and differences, Hurrah’s Nest is White’s imaginative and emotionally honest exploration of growing up the second oldest, first daughter of seven siblings. Childhood experiences are looked at with rawness, sensitivity, and crafted with precision: be it the cutting of her dreadlocks, mother’s abortion, drug trafficking, or her sister’s developmental disability, the language is tender and startling. Hurrah’s Nest—from the confusion of our lives—asks us to make meaning and good from what we’ve bargained and haven’t bargained for. Arisa is a Cave Canem fellow, an MFA graduate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and author of…

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Indian Cinema Beyond Bollywood – Day 3

Bird & Beckett goes to the movies… at the Balboa Theatre in San Francisco’s Richmond District… we’ll see you there! Indian Cinema Beyond Bollywood: Classic & Contemporary Bengali Movies from Tollywood! Friday, March 16th to Tuesday, March 20th Before there was Bollywood, there was Tollywood–  Tollywood,  home of Bengali-language filmmaking, has long been the proving ground of many talents later usurped, exploited and made rich & famous by the Mumbai-based, Hindi-language Bollywood machine.  Its nickname came about in 1932, when a writer in American Cinematography magazine named it for the Tollygunge neighborhood of Kolkata (Calcutta) in which most of the Bengali-language movie production offices are based. Day 3!  Sunday Dedicated to Gautam Chattopadhyay 2:00 pm – Moner Manush 5:00 pm – Nobel Chor 7:00 pm – Live Music – “Bengal & Beyond” 8:15 pm – Nagmoti  ♦view the full schedule here ♦view details on the films here 2:00 pm Moner…

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Marijuana Land + Bernal Hills Players

Meanwhile, at the bookshop… Sunday, March 18th 2:30 pm: Writer Jonah Raskin Marijuanaland Jonah Raskinhas written extensively on American cultural history, particularly its more radical and humanist aspects – with books on Abbie Hoffman, Allen Ginsberg and the wine industry in Sonoma, an anthology of Jack London’s political writings, among others.  He’s also written on the novelist B. Traven and much more. With personal roots in his parents’ American communist underground of the 1940s, his own involvement in SDS in the 1960s, his participation in the academic world of Sonoma State University throughout the 1970s until quite recently, and his contemporary assessment of that journey and what makes sense to him today in terms of political and social engagement, Jonah’s insightful take on the marijuana industry, subculture, mythos, economics and politics of Northern California, including the war waged on it, will be thought provoking and enlightening. His advice on engagement for social change is this:  “Be visible.…

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Indian Cinema Beyond Bollywood – Day 2

Saturday, March 17th, at the Balboa Theatre… Bird & Beckett presents day 2 of  “Indian Cinema Beyond Bollywood: Contemporary and Classic Bengali Films from Tollywood” A Five-Days Festival of Films at the Balboa Theatre March 16-20  ♦view the full schedule at this link  Saturday, March 17th: 3:30 pm – Antaheen directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury 6:00 pm – Ami Aadu directed by Somnath Gupta 8:30 pm – Iti Mrinalini directed by Aparna Sen   Each of the films screening today excels in its cinematography, editing and sound work, as well as the directorial excellence and ambition that brings out fine performances in Bengali cinema’s best actors– seasoned professionals and newcomers alike.  Bengali cinema is surging forward on several fronts– with new and newly revived production companies backing filmmakers and technical talent bristling to launch projects that will engage international audiences and hold their own domestically against the Bollywood machine.  We’re…

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Indian Cinema Beyond Bollywood

Friday through Tuesday March 16th -20th! Bird & Beckett goes to the movies… at the Balboa Theatre in San Francisco’s Richmond District… we’ll see you there! Opening Night Friday!  7pm – The Japanese Wife 9:15 pm – Aparajita Tumi Indian Cinema Beyond Bollywood:  Classic & Contemporary Bengali Movies from Tollywood!  ♦view the complete schedule at this link ♦view details on the films here Before there was Bollywood, there was Tollywood–  Tollywood,  home of Bengali-language filmmaking, has long been the proving ground of many talents later usurped, exploited and made rich & famous by the Mumbai-based, Hindi-language Bollywood machine.  Its nickname came about in 1932, when a writer in American Cinematography magazine named it for the Tollygunge neighborhood of Kolkata (Calcutta) in which most of the Bengali-language movie production offices are based.   But why is Bird & Beckett throwing a Tollywood film festival? It’s no small thing that we get…

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Indian Cinema Beyond Bollywood

Mark your calendar! Bird & Beckett goes to the movies… at the Balboa Theatre in San Francisco’s Richmond District… March 16-20. Indian Cinema Beyond Bollywood:  Classic & Contemporary Bengali Movies from Tollywood! ♦view the schedule at this link Before there was Bollywood, there was Tollywood–  so dubbed in 1932 for the Tollygunge neighborhood of Kolkata (Calcutta) in which most of the Bengali-language movie production offices are based.  Tollywood has long been the proving ground of many talents later usurped, exploited and made rich & famous by the Mumbai-based Bollywood machine. Why is Bird & Beckett throwing a Tollywood festival?  It’s no small thing that we get to give Bay Area moviegoers a peek at Aparjita Tumi, the brand new feature film by award-winning director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury (Antaheen won Best Film at India’s National Film Awards in2009).    Aparajita Tumi was shot last summer entirely on location in the Bay Area,…

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Holderlin & WordWind

Sunday, February 25 2:30 pm – Walker Talks! on the German poet Holderlin Once a month, Walker mesmerizes us with his fascinating meanderings amidst the meanings of writers, philosophers, mythologies and mysteries… how he does it, we don’t know, but he’s gained a following that hangs on the gossamer threads of thought that he spins.  Holderlin?  Come and find out… 4:30 pm – WordWind Chorus Brian Auerbach, Q R Hand Jr. and Lewis Jordan (shown left to right here) are joined by Julian Carroll in an acapella jazz poets aggregation that will set you on your ear.  Four voices augmented by Lewis’s saxophone weave an intricate web of word strands to create heady music indeed. Founding WordWind member Reginald Lockett, who left us a few years ago, had this to say about Q R: “Q R Hand’s poetry traverses the terrain of form, music and language. This is an inspired,…

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Upcoming events

girlchild Join debut novelist Tupelo Hassman for a book launch party, with live music Saturday Feb. 18th 7 pm to 9 pm   Read the New York Times review here! The author: Tupelo Hassman The book: Girlchild (Farrar Strauss Giroux, 2012) The band: Buckeye Knoll “Life is a crazy risk, a foolish venture, a journey hardly worth attempting by poor daughters raised by poor daughters who have no maps or guidebooks (and no teeth, either), who receive no justice that doesn’t hurt about the same as the injustice it means to remedy.  This story is your worst white nightmare. Tupelo Hassman’s GIRLCHILD is a triumph and a philosophical treatise on survival.” –Bonnie Jo Campbell, author of National Book Critics Circle and National Book Award Finalist American Salvage     Author Alan Kaufman in conversation with publisher & writer Brenda Knight on his new memoir, Drunken Angel — Sunday, February 19th…

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Judy & Ramon Sender

Sunday, February 12, 2:00 pm Judith Sender & Ramon Sender Ramon and Judy Sender will be reading from their books. Judy — a writer and artist, or a wrartist, as she terms it — will read some excerpts from her new book, “Transitions Visible and Invisible.”  Her earlier book, “Lines: Whimsical and Other Wise,” has long been available through Bird & Beckett.  Both books feature her drawings and poems, and express her multifariously whimsical take on things.  She is a retired SFUSD teacher and since, 2001, she has co-curated with her husband, Ramon, the “Odd Monday Series”, first at Noe Valley Ministry and now at the venerable Phoenix Books. Ramon Sender has a long-standing reputation as an important west coast musician, writer and artist.  In 1961, with Morton Subotnick and Pauline Oliveros, he co-founded the groundbreaking San Francisco Tape Music Center, home to the late artist Bruce Conner and musician Bill…

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upcoming events

Coming up now at Bird & Beckett!  Jazz in the bookshop on Friday… and every Friday always 5:30 to 8:00 pm never a cover charge, but we always implore you to contribute what you can to help us pay the musicians, who deserve far more than they ever receive.  They give us so much; this is our chance to give them a little something back! The Third Quintet! Friday, Feb. 17, series founders Chuck Peterson (sax), Scott Foster (guitar) and Don Prell (bass) are joined by drummer Omar Aran for two sets of bebop with a west coast lineage… Chuck and Don both got their start in the music in the early 1950s and have been playing jazz at a high level ever since.  Scott and Omar have been top players for only a couple decades each…  You’ll dig it. Sundays before and after, The San Francisco Bluegrass and Old-Time Festival…

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jazz in the bookshop- fourth fridays

Jazz in the bookshop a tradition in the neighborhood every Friday evening since 2002 Kids always welcome & always free! $10 suggested donation per adult This Friday, February 3rd, it’s Don Prell’s Seabop Ensemble, featuring series stalwart Don Prell, a Los Angeles native who started his jazz career in the 1950s and was soon a core member of Bud Shank’s renowned quartet — traveling internationally and recording albums on Pacific Jazz, Contemporary and other key record labels associated with the “West Coast Jazz” of the late 50s and early 60s.  On the first Friday of each month at Bird & Beckett, Don shanghais a seasoned crew of jazz pros, drawing from a pool of talent unmatched by any city in the country outside of New York… Tonight, you’ll hear the powerful & lyrical tenor player Jerry Logas, young bop titan Michael Parsons on piano, and Ulf Bjorkbom, Swedish wonder of the…

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Chelm Feelharmonic

December 18th – Sunday, 4:30 to 6:30 pm Kids welcome & free! $10 suggested donation per adult Chelm Feelharmonic Klezmer Band which way west? sunday concert series           Providing just a bit of a counter to all that Xmas mania, trombonist Rick Elmore, a musicological genius if we’ve ever known one, has collared some top local players with decades of musical collaboration under their collective belt for a klezmer & yiddish music extravaganza at Bird & Beckett! Mandolinist Gerry Tenny has been a cornerstone of the Yiddish music scene here for decades, and he joins Rick and Mike Perlmutter on clarinet, plus accordionist Ilya Cremer, fiddler Mike Hayes and cellist Leo for a roaring celebration of Jewish music and culture, two days in advance of Hanukkah (which begins this year on December 20 and runs to the 27th). Rick started at age 10 in 1964, and…

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Fresh Print Some new books to please the avid reader: Patti Smith is an icon and a touchstone for hundreds of thousands of us… from the arrival of “Horses” in 1975 to the 2010 release of her memoir, Just Kids, and her HSBG appearance that same year, and the many stops along the way… In 1992, a talismanic little book bearing her name and called Woolgathering appeared on the counter at places like City Lights & Moe’s, on cafe tables at the Trieste, in squalid rooms at the Chelsea Hotel… places where the tribe tended to gather to muse, to share a meal, to conceive of new modes of expression… Woolgathering was one in a series of small (3″x4″) handmade books put out by Raymond Foye & Francesco Clemente’s Hanuman Books, printed at Kalakshetra, near Madras (now Chennai), India, under the supervision of George Scrivani.  Like Patti herself, the gem-like…

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Support the BBCLP

Your support is what makes it work! The community that’s grown up around Bird & Beckett has been a delight to be part of.  Glen Park has been hugely supportive of the bookshop and our programs.  As individuals, you’ve helped by buying books, of course– and also by coming to the shows and underwriting the cost of putting them on. For many years now, this community has been providing a sweet venue, a welcoming and appreciative environment and generous monetary support to writers, musicians and other performing artists by way of Bird & Beckett.  We can all be very proud of that fact! Friends of the bookshop helped us establish a 501(c)3 nonprofit several years ago — the “Bird & Beckett Cultural Legacy Project” — which is charged with accomplishing the cultural programming that we do.  And individuals can take a full tax deduction for any direct contributions they make…

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which way west-plus 11/27/11

wondering what you’ve missed?  here’s a sample… also hit the “older posts” button below to stroll back through the weeks… a few sundays ago… Sunday, November 27 – three events At 1 pm:  I’m Not a Tourist!  I Live Here! Ex-Glen Parker & committed activist Elizabeth Boardman sold her house here and moved to Davis a couple of years ago, but not before compiling the stories of quotidian San Francisco in her book I’m Not a Tourist, I Live Here!  Elizabeth will be joined by one of the locals she’s observed and gotten to know over her long tenure here — Doc — a gracious and good humored man who’s lived by his wits in this town for a good long time, using his dulcimer to break the ice with folks scurrying through the BART stations on their way hither & yon. As for Elizabeth, herself, she’s stood in front…

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Books for Xmas

Fresh Print Some new books to please the avid reader: The Swerve: How the World Became Modern by Stephen Goldblatt. In this gloriously learned page-turner, both biography and intellectual history, Harvard Shakespearean scholar Greenblatt (Will in the World) turns his attention to the beginning of the Renaissance as the origin of Western culture’s foundation: the free questioning of truth. It hinges on the recovery of an ancient philosophical Latin text that had been neglected for a thousand years. In the winter of 1417 Italian oddball humanist, smutty humorist, and apostolic secretary Poggio Bracciolini stumbled on Lucretius’ De rerum natura. In an obscure monastery in southern Germany lay the recovery of a philosophy free of superstition and dogma. Lucretius’ On the Nature of Things harkened back to the mostly lost works of Greek philosophers known as atomists. Lucretius himself was essentially an Epicurean who saw the restrained seeking of pleasure as…

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POETS! Yaryan & Olmsted

Monday, November 21, 7 pm Poets! Daniel Yaryan & Marc Olmsted open mic follows As a teenager in Santa Cruz, Daniel Yaryan fell under the thrall of poetry, particularly the poetry of the beats,  in a big way.  With his work, as a writer and as a impresario of poetry readings celebrating and extending the beat ethos, he has become, while still a young man, a major figure in the west coast poetry scene. We’ve lost track of how many readings Daniel has staged in venues all over the state in the series he calls “Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts” — each boasting a deep roster of energized and engaged voices revealing the breadth and depth of the poetry impulse that persists today. Daniel’s own voice will be on display at our reading tonight. He has invited Marc Olmsted to join him on this reading, indicating his respect for a poet…

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jazz in the bookshop – PPFM

Friday, November 25th, 5:30-8:00 pm The Chuck Peterson Quintet jazz in the bookshop a neighborhood tradition since 2002 Also known as the 230 Jones Street, Local 6 Literary Jazz Band, this group comprises jazz in the bookshop founder Chuck Peterson (tenor sax) and four of his long-time associates:  Howard Dudune (reeds), Glen Deardorff (guitar), Dean Reilly (bass) and Tony Johnson (drums). A quintet date that showcases the music we love best– straight ahead, bebop-based, west coast fashioned jazz. It’s a lively time in the neighborhood every Friday evening — in the venue that many a jazz player has declared the best place to play in town.  That tribute is in no small way due to the audience that comes to enjoy the music and the convivial vibe.  Come enjoy the music and the company. All ages are welcome, and there’s no cover charge — but if you can spare the…

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The Homespun Trio

Sunday, November 20, 4:30 & 5:30 pm (two sets) The Homespun Trio which way west? Sunday concert series Well, this isn’t a picture of the trio we’re presenting this week, but we went looking for photos and couldn’t resist this one.  Martinique, circa 1944… Ernest Hemingway wrote the book, and Howard Hawks made the movie…  the laconic pianist and songwriter Hoagy Carmichael made the music… Bogart and Bacall made the romance… “To Have and Have Not”… A title as enigmatic and evocative as any in modern literature… Oh yes, about this week’s “which way west?” concert!  Bassist Fred Randolph, a much sought after musician about town in the clubs and concert halls, proposed this trio to us– featuring himself, the exquisite pianist Grant Levin, and the sweetly nuanced drummer Bryan Bowman. This may well be Grant’s first appearance at the shop. If so, it’s long overdue. You’re guaranteed to be…

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Ambush Review reading

Monday, November 14th, 7 pm Ambush! A reading to celebrate issue #2 of a great new San Francisco literary magazine Co-Editors and Co-Publishers Bob Booker and Patrick Cahill host a raft of contributors at Bird & Beckett to present the beautifully done second issue of Ambush Review — a terrific addition to the long tradition of literary magazines emanating from this most literary city!  Join us for a toast to the creators, writers and artists involved. Watch this YouTube video of Bob Booker introducing the first issue at Live Worms Gallery in North Beach in December 2010.

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Jimmy Ryan Quintet – jazz in the bookshop

Friday, November 11th, 5:30 to 8:00 pm The Jimmy Ryan Quintet jazz in the bookshop a neighborhood party every Friday evening Drummer Jimmy Ryan has been part of the Friday evening jazz tradition since its beginning in late 2002. Jimmy learned the trade in L.A. in the ’50s as well, and hit the San Francisco scene in 1960 — and never looked back.  Jimmy has played with legendary musicians like Putter Smith, Vince Wallace, Kent Glenn and Bishop Norman Willliams, putting in significant time at legendary San Francisco clubs like Jimbo’s Bop City and the Gathering Cafe. For his monthly Bird & Beckett dates, trumpeter Henry Hung and trombonist Danny Grewen, two active young players on the local scene, give a rich, fiery and romantic tone to the front line, while guitarist Scott Foster, a Bird & Beckett favorite since the beginning, handles the chordal duties and spins out beautiful…

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