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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!
store opens at 6pm for our 7pm reading

Monday, January 21st – 7-9 pm
Camincha Benvenutto & Jacki Rigoni
followed by an open mic

Camincha Benvenutto is Poet Laureate of Pacifica
Jacki Rigoni is Poet Laureate of Belmont

A reading we anticipate with great pleasure…
as we do your participation in the open mic, or simply your ears & minds!

Camincha Benvenutto has been writing poetry since age 13, though she found little time to write while raising her children. She is a published author of one book of poetry and four novels, all of a little different genre, some short stories, one historic fiction. She’s currently working on another book — a pictorial memoir. She has more than 300 poems written, most have never been published. Her published work, however, is available through the San Mateo County and San Francisco County library systems. She’s is listed in the directory of American poets and fiction writers and is a member of PEN International. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting Camincha in readings several times over the past decade or two, and consider her a good friend, a wonderful writer and a great spirit.

Jacki Rigoni writes within the found spaces of single parenting her three children in the San Francisco Bay area, where she serves at Poet Laureate of Belmont, California. She has an M.A. in English from UC Berkeley and is a credentialed teacher. A finalist for the 2018 Francine Ringold Award for New Writers, her poems appear or are forthcoming in Nimrod International Journal, Moon City Review, and Poems-For-All. An educator and award-winning copywriter by profession, Jacki’s other writing can be found on TV and the back of snack packaging.

Kim Shuck, Poet Laureate of San Francisco, and Jerry Ferraz, poetry czar of Bird & Beckett, co-host.

Camincha, Poet Laureate of Pacifica
Jacki Rigoni, Poet Laureate of Belmont

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