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Gene Berson in the pages of the poetry anthology., Honeydew.

Monday, August 15th – 7-9 pm
Poets Gene Berson & Vince Storti
followed by an open mic

POETS! a twice-monthly series hosted by troubadour Jerry Ferraz.
Every first & third Monday, 7-9 pm
Tonight’s featured poets are Eugene Berson and Vince Storti.
They’ll be followed by one of the best open mic sessions in San Francisco – a city of poets!

Gene Berson in the pages of the poetry anthology., Honeydew.

Gene Berson in the pages of the poetry anthology., Honeydew.

Gene Berson says, “I’ve been writing seriously for many years, and live in the northern California foothills. I grew up in the bay area. I’ve published in American Poetry Review, Bastard Angel, Beatitude, Vanishing Cab, the online magazines Abalone Moon and Referential Magazine and the anthology Honeydew. American Academy of Poets prize, SFSU, BA,MA in English Literature. I have two manuscripts of poems I hope to publish this year, one entitled Yuba Grooves — poems written the last ten years and focusing on the Sierra Foothills; the other, Relative Orbits, includes more family-inspired biographical work. I co-ordinated Poetry in the Schools in the early seventies for several years which included teaching poetry workshops throughout the Northwest in a variety of schools –one room school houses in the Wyoming Prairie, reform schools, Indian reservations schools and urban schools — elementary grades through high school. I taught high school in Oakland in the early nineties and have worked for many years in the tradeshow industry as a member of Sign Display Union, local 510.

Vince StortiAs for Vince Storti, he’s “living somewhere on a palm-tree studded island, surrounded by Victorian houses and rumors of a revolution against all forms of sailboats. He is a current recipient of a first prize for poetry by Bay Area Poets Coalition. He is the author of two chapbooks and is the editor and publisher of North Coast Literary Review. He thinks you should all have a nice time beyond the world’s end in 2012. He closes his closet door nightly, just so the beatnik ghosts won’t get him. He works to create visual and literary pieces which investigate conscious and unconscious realms. He believes in what we all believe in.” Nicole Savage says in her invaluable blog that she “blatantly copied (this bio) from the Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts Anthology.” 

Be sure to visit for a rich tour through the landscape of San Francisco art and culture.

It includes this great take on our POETS! host and m.c. Jerry Ferraz.

Jerry Ferraz, peripatetic bard and troubadour, and host of Bird and Becketts

Jerry Ferraz, peripatetic bard and troubadour, native of San Francisco’s Eureka Valley and host of Bird and Beckett’s twice-monthly poetry series (1st & 3rd Mondays, 7-9 pm).

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