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Joseph and Andi

Sunday, November 4th – 4:30-6:30 pm
The Bad Things: Joseph TinGin & Andi Frederick
which way west? Sunday concert series
$10 suggested donation

The danger with expressions like “Why do bad things happen to good people?” is — always viewing ourselves as the good people, when sometimes we are the bad things. Comfort is always good, but at times we need to change.

As writers, Andi Frederick & Joseph TinGin seek to be honest in their compositions, to look objectively at their own human experiences, and to tell the truth about them. Sometimes there are no clear heroes or villains, but real humans, each with their own stories to be told.

It was by no means of predestination, divine intervention, or even serendipity that Frederick and TinGin happened to have crossed paths in San Francisco in the fall of 2016, but rather a series of whelming events and decisions. However, a shared method of songwriting as self-medication, a means of processing life’s experiences, became the catalyst for a collaboration that would eventually come to fruition in 2018 with The Bad Things.

With Andi on a piano and Joseph behind a guitar, the scratches of two bedroom songwriters take flesh. The songs that will be presented, both original and covered, will span the gap between strong medicine that can heal to sweet candy that will satisfy the palate. Join us as we peel back the paint that covers to reveal the skin beneath.

photos by Fayruz

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