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Joan Mitchell

Thursday, October 7 – 5-7:30pm
Joan Mitchell’s paintings
plus Bay Area musicians & poets!
free party!

We’ve sent some musicians SFMOMA way for the public’s pleasure! Stroll into the museum at 4pm with your vax card in hand & your mask in place — that’s when they hang the “out of commission” sign on the cash register — then hie thee to the 5th floor galleries to take in Joan Mitchell’s astonishing work (peeking at Nam June Paik’s crazy amalgamations adjacent, if you can fit them in), and drift out to the adjacent outdoor rooftop sculpture terrace off and on between 5 and closing. That’s where the live stuff breaks loose! You’ll be regaled there by musicians and poets deployed for the afternoon at the museum’s request (thanks Claudia La Rocco!) by your little Glen Park bookshop cum jazzspot and the little Oakland gallery that can, Round Weather.

For our part, we’ve asked Lisa Mezzacappa and Clark Coolidge to field trios and Geechi Taylor to helm a quintet… two freewheeling avant garde trios of improvisers and a sweet and swinging quintet tracking the traditions… a reflection, it’s hoped, of St. Joan’s youth and development in the cross-pollinated arts.

You’ll have a good time!

Google “SFMOMA Joan Mitchell” if you want a hint of what you’re in for… or need help finding the museum!

If you leave a little early (shh! don’t tell), you can scoot back to the bookshop for Jennifer Barone’s poetry reading and the open mic to follow.

Feel free to bring your abstract expressionist impulses in tow!

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