Walker brents iii

Sunday, August 26th – 2:30-4 pm
How Whitman Teaches Me to See.
Walker Talks!

Walker’s back from his summer rambles.

Come out to hear some of what he’s been ruminating about out there on the road!

Walt Whitman, the good grey poet, saeth Walker, “is evermore my guide as I now grow grey. The literary field of action is one of perception and notation, especially related to journeys and rambles [there’s that word!], as well as memories and archetypal landscapes and characters.”

And a quote from ol’ Walt himself:

“I am fain to fancy the foundation of quite a lesson learned…Literature flies so high and is so hotly spiced, that our notes may seem breaths of common air, or draughts of water to drink. But that is part of our lesson.”

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~~ Poetry as philosophy to plumb the deeper truths of these times ~~

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